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Hey Friend,

Viper Cache 75% off offer is closing soon!

The ideal page load speed is below 3 seconds, if you have websites that load slower than that then it's time to speed it up before the upcoming Google's "speed slap" update takes effect.

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BONUS #1: WP Ultimate GDPR Toolkit
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As Google has already posted on their official blog stating: "On July 2018, we are coming out with an update called the “Speed Slap”.

And this new update will start penalize slow-loading sites even more.. 
But on the positive side if your website loads fast, it will get bonus points.

Viper Cache solves 7 major problems in current Wordpress caching tools.

And it also gives you Traffic Protection module which blocks bad-bots from your sites, prevents hotlinking and helps prevent DDOS attacks.

What’s more, it’s stupidly simple to use!

Right now the speed of your site is a major factor in SEO, audience retention, mobile browsing. And Viper Cache puts your site ahead ;-)

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Leo (BCBiz)

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