Subject: (Early Bird Opens) Finish Every WP Tasks With Less Effort..

Hey there

Good news if you have multiple Wordpress sites!

A brand new software called WP Suite just went live today, and it lets you to manage all your Wordpress sites from a single dashboard:


It's a cloud-based software & once you logged in you can:

[+] Update all your WP sites in 1-click
[+] Update all plugins across all your WP sites in 1-click
[+] Install plugins/themes across multiple sites, just 2 clicks.
[+] Post content, manage comments, etc across your sites
[+] Never have to login in over & over again.

If you'd like to stop wasting time doing tedious WP tasks you can automate & accomplish in just 1-click, go see WP Suite in action now before the price goes up today at midnight.

PLUS I have added these 5 bonuses for you:

Bonus #1: WP AffiliateProfit Plus
Bonus #2: ReviewShark WP Plugin
Bonus #3: HotNews WP Theme
Bonus #4: WP VideoAce Reseller Rights
Bonus #5: MemberPal Reseller Rights

Click Here To Get WP Suite + Our 5 Bonuses

Leo (BCBiz)

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