Subject: Create Your Own SSL WP Store in 5 Minutes (super cool)

Hey there,

The latest Google update, “Not Secure” warnings, has made securing websites with SSL certificates a hot service.

And you can build your own SSL store business within minutes with this super cool bundle below:

=>> Instant SSL WP Store Business

Here're what you will get inside:

[+] WPSSL, a wordpress theme for selling SSL service
[+] 8,700+ words of lead magnet article to promote SSL
[+] 2 animated SSL promo videos
[+] 2 whiteboard style SSL promo videos
[+] 5x high quality SSL articles

Even though it's not my main business, but every time I meet with my clients in the end I always offer SSL to them.

The profit from reselling SSL maybe not much (can be less than $10 per domain), so unless you sure can get lots of clients I recommend to make this SSL agency thing as a side business only.. :)

=>> See This Instant SSL Business Package Here

Leo (BCBiz)

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