Subject: [Closing] WP Plugin: 2 Days Until GDPR Comes Into Effect..

Hey there,

In 2 days from now the new GDPR law comes into effect!

So you have only today and tomorrow to get all your sites prepared! Luckily you can make your WP sites 100% compliant within minutes..

=>> Only With This GDPR Suite WP Plugin

DISCOUNT: Use code GDPR5 on the checkout page to get $5 off - this coupon is not being announced neither on the salespage nor to other affiliates, but I got it especially for you ;-)

It doesn't matter if your business is located in EU or in US or even in Asia, as far as you get visitors from any of the EU countries such as UK, Sweden, Spain, France, etc. then you're liable to GDPR rules.

That's why you'll need the GDPR Suite..

It's the most up-to-date privacy plugin to make your WP sites compliant with the 7 key GDPR requirements within minutes.

You will also get these bonuses when you grab GDPR Suites today:

BONUS #1: WP Azon Feed Compliance Plugin
BONUS #2: Easy Blog Booster
BONUS #3: WP FlashPages Plugin
BONUS #4: VidPromo Premium Page Builder

Check out GDPR Suite and my bonuses here:

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