Subject: Boost Your Amazon/eCom Sales From WhatsApp? (cool WP plugin!)

Hey there,

These days, almost every people use WhatsApp in their daily life.

Which makes WhatsApp as a powerful online marketing tools. It's a huge power that you should take advantage of ;-)

=>> Which Easy to Do Using This 1-Click WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Add this plugin and you'll be surprised by how many people will send you a WhatsApp chat asking for the product that they look for on your Amazon/eCom store site..

.. they might ask about different color, size, and so on just because they're too lazy to search it themselves - then you can reply their WhatsApp with a link for the product they want (your Amazon affiliate link, your eCom products, etc).

Check out the plugin while it's still under $10 below:

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. If you use this plugin do take in mind that every people who visit your site may WhatsApp you and you may get chat texts quite often - so I suggest not to use your primary number on this plugin :)

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