Subject: [Affiliate] Higher Site Ranking With Untapped Google Traffic

Hey there,

If you want your affiliate sites to rank higher on Google and get more traffic, here's a 1-click software to use:


With InstantRank you can uncover 1,000s of profitable, low competition keywords in seconds - many of those keywords have products on Amazon/AliExpress/CB and so on that you can promote and profit from ;-)

Here're some of the benefits from the software:

[+] DFY Keyword Research for yourself or your clients
[+] Discover hundreds of long-tail, untapped keywords in seconds
[+] Harvest multiple keywords angle of your niche
[+] Keywords analysis generator and many more

InstantRank is available in 2 version: cloud-based and desktop app, and today you are getting access to BOTH of them for the price of one here.

Leo (BCBiz)

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