Subject: A Dream SOFTWARE For Every WP Site Owners..

Hey there,

I think it's not exaggerate to say, this might be the software of the month! If you are an Internet marketer, here is your dream software:


When building a website using Wordpress, there are 20+ task options you need to do: from installing Wordpress, creating admin login, removing default post, etc.

There might some plugins that claim they can do all the tedious WP setup faster, but let's think about it.. plugins!?

It means you'd STILL have to install WordPress yourself! Fortunately, using this 1-click software you can do all that 20+ tasks at once..

[+] Install Wordpress in 1-click
[+] Remove all the default posts and default comments
[+] Doing all the wordpress standard configurations.
[+] Auto create legal pages (about, privacy policy, contact us etc)
[+] Auto create GDPR policy pages
[+] Auto create HTML sitemap page
[+] Create all the categories, content and pages you need
[+] And lots of more!

=>> Say Goodbye to WP Installation + Setup w/ This Software

PS. You can use the software to install + setup unlimited Wordpress sites, for yourself or clients (there's no limitation).

Leo (BCBiz)

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