Subject: 7 Tools to Profit from Your DFY Video Store (still $9)

Hey there,

Lately video creation has turned into 1 of the highest paying niches.

And there are thousands of businesses looking for video creation service. If you want to tap into this huge opportunity, use this DFY Wordpress solution:


You probably already have 2-3 tools to create videos simply because you're an Internet Marketer.. BUT those people outside the IM niche they still consider video creation is very difficult.

That's where this DFY solution comes in!

For ONLY $9, you get all you need to build your own video store agency business within minutes.. all these 7 DFY tools are included:

[+] 1 Click WP Theme Agency + Plugin Combo
[+] The Agency Landing Page as a Special Bonus
[+] Software to make your own Videos - Very easy to use
[+] 10 Whiteboard Videos, and many more

Just one of these tools could easily be priced at $27.. but right now you can still get all 7 of them for less than $10 only using this link.

Leo (BCBiz)

PS. If you already grabbed this, don't build just 1 general video store agency. But build many and target a deeper niche such as: travel video creation service, company video, etc. :)

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