Subject: ($5 off opens) Protect Your WP Sites from the New GDPR Law ..

Hey there,

In just 5 days from now the new GDPR regulations will take into effect.

If you have more than 1 website, it's time to make all your WP sites compliant with GDPR rules so you won't be panicking. And here's the best fastest solution I found so far:

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This new regulations applies to ANYONE with a website that’s accessible to people in EU member countries - be it an Amazon affiliate sites, eCom sites or even a personal blog.

Failure to become GDPR compliant can results in fines as high as 4% global turnover OR 20 million euros (whichever is greater). It's that crazy!

And with this new GDPR Suite plugin, your sites will be 100% compliant with this new GDPR rules.. and it's getting better because I got you $5 off special coupon: GDPR5 - this coupon is not being announced on the salespage, but I got it for you ;-)

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