Subject: 1-Click Chat That Boost Amazon/eCom Sales ($9 WP tools)

These days, everybody answers their WhatsApp messages.

It has TURNED into a powerful online marketing tools.. And if you want to collect tons of WhatsApp numbers of people who visits your money sites on autopilot, here's the plugin you'll need:

=> WP WhatsApp w/ 1-Click Chat + Pre-Defined Message

This is a refreshingly cool way to collect WhatsApp number, because it's not you who contact them first but it's them who will reach out to you first.

My take on this:

Add this plugin and you'll be surprised by how many people will send you a WhatsApp chat asking for the product that they look after on your WP site..

.. they might ask about different color, size, and so on just because they're too lazy to search it themselves - then you can reply their WhatsApp with a link for the product they want (your Amazon affiliate link, your eCom products, etc).

Check out the plugin while it's still under $10 below:

PS. If you use this plugin do take in mind that every people who visit your site may WhatsApp you and you may get chat texts quite often -  
don't get mad when it happens, use a secondary number and just take it fun..
(Enable Image to See) Watch the Plugin in Action Here..
Leo (BCBiz)

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