Subject: Thanksgiving Specials & JV Farms News November 15th!

Thanks Giving Specials and JV Farms November News!

We hope this finds everyone doing well!

This past Sunday we spent the day getting ready for the cold weather change coming in, and change it did....

We hauled hay and bedding for the cows and pigs, filled all the water tanks, drained water lines, and the all important water hoses!!

Tuesday morning it was 14 degrees with an 26 mph north wind made it quite burrish that morning.....7 degree wind chill!

Val said the cows and sows laid up in the hay piles and barn until afternoon that day when the weather relaxed a bit....

That was the first Sunday home at the farm now that Bernice Gardens Market is closed for winter......We love getting to go to Market, however its nice to slow down a bit and catch up at the farm.....

Speaking of catching up a is a link to a video of Val and Rose sharing the story of our relationship that has grown around local food and local business......

We are THANKFUL for all the relationships that have grown over the past 10 years.....we are Thankful for you our clients/farming partners, if it was not for you, we would not be able to grow the food we grow, and we appreciate the support and love growing great food for you!

We will be at Bernice Gardens Sunday the 24th from 11am to Noon! 
AND Whole Foods 1pm to 1:30pm, (west end of parking lot---look for the white ford farm truck) Please let us know you are coming!

Farm Share Pick Ups and Pre Orders.....AND....we will have the freezers with a great selection of pork, chicken and beef for your holiday meals if you want to just stop by for our Pop Up and pick out something!

Below is the list of chicken, pork, and beef available:

JV Pasture Chicken:
*Whole Chicken 4 to 5 lbs each
*Half Chicken  2+ lbs each
*Chicken Livers
*Chicken Hearts
*Chicken Necks
*Chicken Feet

JV Old Fashion Pork:
*Bone In Loin Roasts 3 to 4 lbs each
*Spare Ribs Split or Whole
*Chorizo 1lb loose sausage
*Chorizo 1/3 lb links 3 per pack
*Italian 1/3 lb links 3 per pack
*Smoked Andouille 1/4 lb links 4 per pack
*Fresh Belly Slabs 2.5 to 4 lb each
*Sugar Cure and Hickory Smoked Bacon
*Sugar Cure and Hickory Smoked Jowl
*Sugar Cure and Hickory Smoked Ham Slice
*Whole Sugar Cure and Hickory Smoked Hams 8 to 12 lb each
*Sugar Cure and Hickory Smoked Ham Hocks
*Pork Fat 5 to 8 lb packs 
*Pork Neck Bones 

JV Homestead Beef:
*Ground Beef 1lb loose pack
*Ground Beef 1.5 lb loose pack
*1/3 lb Hamburger Patties 3 per pack
*Beef Breakfast Sausage 1lb loose pack
*Beef Bratwurst 1/4 lb links 4 per pack
*Tenderized Sirloin Steak .75 to 1.5 lb each
*Chuck Roast and Arm Roast 3 to 6 lb each
*Short Ribs 
*Beef Liver
*Beef Heart
*Marrow Bones
*Knuckle Bones

Package Specials:

3lbs of Ground Beef Loose Package $20

1lb Beef Brat, 1lb Beef Patties and 1 Beef Breakfast Sausage $25

1 Half Chicken, 1 Ground Beef, 1 Pork Chorizo Link  $25

Pork Ribs Whole or Split 5lbs for $15

Milkbarn is open Friday----------------------Noon to 4pm
Hot Springs Market Saturday-------------- 9am to Noon
Deliveries Saturday-Hot Springs---------Noon to 2pm

*******Bernice Gardens Sunday November 24th 11am to 12 noon*****

Home and Office Delivery $10, order $150 or more and its Free!

Remember, to insure availability, call, email or text your order to: 501-732-9093.
Jay & Valorie Lee

JV Farms
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JV Farms, 5754 Sycamore Drive, Bismarck, Arkansas 71929, United States
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