Subject: "Superbowl Market Specials"

JV Farms & Superior Bathhouse Brewery Pork
February 1st & 2nd

Good Morning Everyone!
Want to take a minute to give a huge THANK YOU to Rose and her whole crew at the Superior Bathhouse and Brewery. We have a great partnership with the Superior, bringing all those brew grains back to the farm. Mixing with some Arkansas corn, which makes for some tasty JV FARMS PORK. Pork that is then brought back to the Superior and served on the menu as Superior Bratwurst and Superior Hot Dogs (Frankfurter).

Usually we bring about a truckload per week back to the Farm. With our farm truck down for almost a month... Rose jumped to use her Beer Truck to haul the grains out to the farm for us. She equipped this old Mail Truck with a nifty lift gate for easy loading.... 

Rose, thank you and you are one of the best! We have enjoyed working with you and the whole crew at the Superior over the years. 

This is perfect timing to offer a Super Bowl Weekend Special on some of our tasty and unique Pork. Truly a Locally Grown product from start to finish. 

Super Bowl Weekend Specials

Sausage Sampler
Pick 5 lbs for $25
Breakfast * Chorizo * Italian * Andoullie 

Spare Rib Special
Whole or Split
$4 lb this week

Big N Meaty Ribs
These ribs have the belly left on!
Thick and delicious!
$5 lb this week

Link Sausages Special
$7 lb this week
Superior Bratwurst * Superior Frankfurters * Polish * German

Friday Milk Barn at JV Farms Noon till 5 pm

Saturday Hot Springs Farmers Market  9 am till Noon

Bernice Gardens Sunday Fun Day is Sunday February 17th 11:30 am to 12:30 pm 

Here is what is available this week:

Pre orders are welcome!

$6 dzn -- JV Free Range Eggs

$9 lb -- Pork Chops Thick Cut 2 pack
$6 lb -- Butt Roast ( 2.5 to 3. lbs Each)
$7 lb -- Fresh Belly Slab 2 to 4 lbs. (fun to refrigerator cure)
$8 lb -- Polish  Link  !!!!$7 this week!!!
$8 lb -- Superior Bratwurst  !!!!$7 this week!!!
$8 lb -- Superior Frankfurters !!!!$7 this week!!!
$8 lb -- German Links   !!!!$7 this week!!!   
$7 lb -- Ground Pork-Lean
$8 lb -- Standing Loin Roast (melt in your mouth pork loin!)
$7 lb -- Country Style Ribs
$6 lb -- Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!! $4.00 LB
$7 lb --Big N Meaty Bellie on Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!!! $5.00 LB
$6 lb -- Breakfast Sausage
$6 lb -- Chorizo Sausage
$6 lb -- Andoullie Sausage
$6 lb -- Italian Sausage
$4 lb -- Neck Bones

$5 lb -- Chicken Livers.... the best ever
$5 lb -- Chicken Hearts
$3.50 lb -- Chicken Necks, Feet, Backs and Frames
Jay & Valorie Lee

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