Subject: Meat Share NEWS for late MAY

 Memorial Day UPDATE
Good Morning!

Yesterdays trip to the processor went well and the freezers are finally full again, along with three new freezers filled up too! The new work done to the barn roof has allowed us to invest into expanding freezers space and it is nice....

If your able to make it by on a Friday please do because selection is best at the farm store and shares can be picked up this Friday, or Saturday and Sunday at the markets. 

Please email or text your order for the month and we will do our best to accommodate, the available items are below. 

We have newly processed beef and pork. The meat looks great and Mr. Keys, the processor,  said this beef was really nice and the pork was as good as ever!  We will be delivering another round, 2 beef, and 7 porks in two weeks to them in Van Buren, AR, and currently have 10 porks at the processor in Pottsville, AR to pick up in two weeks......

We have been able to secure USDA processing dates, between 3 processors,that will insure plenty of meat all the way through 2021.....and as we mentioned before scheduling has been a issue for all farms like ours across the country.  WE are very  thankful to have been doing this long enough to have good relationships with these processors and this is a direct result of the FARM SHARE....we will share more on this in June's email. 

The one bad note of all this from a processing point....due to covid that we are seeing a rise in cost from the processors.....the plastic vacuum bags have doubled in cost along with the processors giving employee raises and bonuses for the extra work, and the workers, making it a priority to stay healthy so that work can keep going.......This being the case, along with all the cost changes on the farm side the past five years....we have not had a price change since starting the farm share five years ago.......we will need to make price adjustments across the board on retail, restaurant, and farm shares.

We are are trying to figure out how to add this cost fairly to the farm we cut the amount of meat down each month, or, raise the price.....

The tentative numbers put us at $55 ($57 w/tax) for a half and $110 ($114 w/tax) for a full share respectively....this price change will need to start in June. 

We are excited to be adjusting the chicken poundage part of the farm shares might ask why, well time and cost of cutting and bagging make it simpler to just do wholes and on bag and this will add more pounds to the farm share to help offset the price increase too.....

Full share will now get two whole chickens (3.5 to 4lb each) and half shares will get one whole chicken same size!

Farm Share Payments........We can now set up monthly invoice pay and auto payments thru the online system. We are not going to require either.....just an option for those who have asked for it and would like the convenience.   

ALSO::::IF You have a friend or family member that you referred to us.....PLEASE have them contact us directly with your name as REFERRAL!!! 

Why you ask?    When we built the online store a few weeks ago.....we put a link to sign up for the monthly farm share......and it exploded......almost 200 request before we shut it off....and there is not any way that we can or want to add that many.....we only have spots for 10 more full shares or mix of full and halves that equal please let any one you know that you sent our way to contact us in next week or so please.....we want to add your referrals first...

Chicken Update:  We are processing the chickens today, they will be cut into halves......and if you can or your wanting to get more pork this month and less chicken....."pork-beef share" please do......we will be limited on chicken until the next batch processes in late June.

  • Chicken: Roaster Chickens - half roasters
  • Pork: Chops, Cured and Smoked Bacon, Cured and Smoked Ham Steaks, Italian Sausage Loose , Andouille Sausage Loose, Split Ribs, Hot Links, Bratwurst Links, Polish Links, Maple Breakfast Links, Butt Roast, 1/2 Hams (6-8lbs each), Neck Bones, Soup Bones
  • Beef: Hamburger, Roast, Steaks, Tenderized Steaks, Brisket, Knuckle Bones, Marrow Bones 

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