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Good morning everyone! 

Hope this finds everyone well. We all want to stay that way. One of the perks of living on a farm and growing your own food is definitely the benefit of having healthy meats, eggs and veggies. I know how it was raised, I know how many hands have touched the product, I know the animals are healthy and stress free, I know what was applied to the pastures and crops, I know when it was harvested and I know it is the best! 

Also very fortunate to be neighbors to one of the best veggie farms in this area. Arkansas Natural Produce is just down the road and we go each week when we dont have produce coming out of our seasonal garden. Since there is no place to find them ... we are going to offer pre orders for some of their amazing produce. ..... since I go anyway. 

Right now we dont know if the Farmers Market will be canceled or not. Little Rock has canceled at least one of the weekly markets so we just dont know what is coming. We however need to keep feeding animals and keep the power on. IF the market is closed in Hot Springs .... We will set up and do a drive by market in the parking lot next to the Farmers Market. If you are at risk and want to pre order and pay ahead online we can just hand it thru the window when you arrive. 

We will do FREE deliveries this week in the HOT SPRINGS area this Saturday afternoon to anyone who is self quarantining. Again place an order and we will email you an invoice... and we can drop it on your front porch if you dont want to make contact. We recommend leaving a cooler on the porch. 

This Sunday is our Little Rock Delivery week. We will be in the Bernice Gardens Parking Lot from 12:30 to 1:30. The market wont start until Mid April so it wont be super concentrated with people. Again, if you are self quarantining we will do FREE deliveries in the area of the Bernice Gardens Sunday Morning. 

Friday at the Farm is also a good option. Lots of fresh air and not super populated. We have all the freezers there so you can pick your meats. 

Friday---Val will be a the Milk Barn Noon to 5pm

Saturday --- Historic Downtown Hot Springs Winter Market 9-12 PRODUCE IS SHOWING UP NOW!!!!! If the market is canceled we will still be in the parking lot beside the market for a Drive By Market 

Sunday -- Bernice Gardens Parking Lot Little Rock 12:30 to 1:30

Below is a list of what is available from Arkansas Natural and JV Farms this week. All produce from Arkansas Natural will need to be preordered by Wednesday at 3pm f

Arkansas Natural Produce 
Spring Mix $4
Japanese Spinach $4
Arugula $4
Red Russian Kale $4
Kale $3 
Swiss Chard $3
Orders must be in by Wednesday 3pm for the Thursday AM harvest

JV Farms Beef
Ground Beef
1/3 lb Beef Patties
1/4 lb Beef Bratwurst
Beef Liver
Beef Knuckle Bones

JV Old Fashion Pork
Thin Chops 2 per Pack
Thick Chops 1 per Pack
Cured and Hickory Smoked Bacon
Cured and Smoked Bacon with Pepper
Fresh Side Thick Cut Bacon
Pork Belly avg. 3lb 
1/3 lb Greek Links
Bold Italian Sausage
Old Fashion Breakfast Sausage
Cajun Andouillie Sausage
Spare Ribs Split
Spare Ribs Whole
Pork Neck Bones

JV Farms Pasture Chicken
Chicken Livers
Chicken Hearts
Stock Parts

JV Free Range Eggs

Thank you!
Val and Jay

Jay & Valorie Lee

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