Subject: July News From JV FARMS

July News from JV Farms 
It's Meat Share Member Weekend!
  • Fridays at the Farm at the MilkBarn Noon to 5 pm
  • Saturdays at the Historic Downtown Farmers Market 7 to Noon
  • Sundays at the Bernice Gardens Farmers Market 10 to 2
We will be available at these locations and times this weekend for Pre-orders & July Meat Share Pick Ups. 

We will also have the Freezers with us at Markets for picking up some cuts for the weekend and the week ahead. 
We have several new items and a good selections of retail cuts.

You can Email, Text or Call us. 


Click the Link below to order online and pickup at the Markets.


We NOW deliver to Hot Springs and Little Rock 
$10 per order under $100, $5 per order for over $100,
and Free Delivery on Orders of $175 or more! 
What’s new in the Freezers?
We added a new link this month with our 
Pork Hot Links. Just enough spice in the 1/4 lb link size, 4 per pack. 

We also have our tasty Superior Bratwurst back in stock. 
This month we have some of our old favorites back in stock.
Mild Italian sausage, great for meatloaf, stuffed peppers or zucchini on the grill or spaghetti sauce!
Andouillie Sausage. We love it with red beans and rice type dishes adding that cajun flavor. Also really nice to stuff peppers and zucchini with and cook on the grill. 
Our Pork Chorizo is available as well. We like to mix with beef and make delicious burgers on the grill. Always good in breakfast tacos... BTW the Superior BathHouse and Brewery is now serving brunch on the weekend and serving our chorizo with biscuits and gravy and breakfast tacos too!!
Old Fashion Breakfast is always in the freezer. You can use this sausage for everything... If you like it hotter just add crushed red pepper to kick it up a notch. 
Beef Bratwurst new this month! 1/4 lb links and full of flavor!
Beef Breakfast Sausage. We had a request from our non pork eaters and we have it available this month. 
Beef Chorizo. This is nice and spicy and new this month. 
We also have Ground, Tenderized, Sirloins, and a few Shank Steaks this month. 

There will be a couple of Half Beefs and 1/4 Beefs available this fall. 
Prices are based off of Hanging Pre Cut Weight of the Side of Beef.  
$5.25 LB Half Beef---350 to 400 lbs
$5.50 LB 1/4 Beef ---175 to 200 lbs
--each beef's weigh will vary
--final weight in your freezer will depend on cuts chosen
--you choose your cuts, seasonings, and package sizes

JV Farms Chicken 
Chicken is currently available only to Meat Share Members until September/October harvest.  

We are taking reservations for our annual Chicken Rodeo to happen in October. Reserve your chicken in lots of 10 four pound average birds. We will set the price in August once we see how grain prices are looking. Typically you save $5-$7 each bird. 

We have decided not to grow Turkeys this fall in order to expand our pasture chicken capabilities........and we will be adding a new type of bird to the program.....freedom rangers......they are really nice to eat and may be better suited for the new growing set up. The Freedom Rangers are a slower growing bird and do more foraging than the normal breeds used for meat production. We will know more as the summer goes and fall harvest get here.  

JV Farms 
Jay and Valorie Lee
5754 Sycamore Dr
Bismarck, AR 71929
JV Farms, 5754 Sycamore Drive, Bismarck, Arkansas 71929, United States
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