Subject: JV at RED LIGHT Saturday Morning

JV Farms PopUp Market at 
Red Light Roastery 
Saturday 9 to 12
That's right everyone....... This Saturday morning we will be setting up at Red Light Roastery coffee house. If you have not been to Red Light yet, you do not know what you are missing! These beans are not only brewed but also small batch roasted right here in Hot Springs by Adam at Red Light. 

We met Adam and Briana Moore back when we first started going to market in Hot Springs Village. Briana owns Larkmartin Soaps. She is and amazing Soaper and we have brought our farm products to her for the transformation into JV Soaps for many years now. She also has an amazing line of soap and luxury bath products right there at Red Light.  

This will be a super opportunity to try a new spot, enjoy an amazing coffee on a beautiful front porch, and pick out some goodies to take home for the week. 

I have been in north Arkansas this week but should have a nice cooler of Garlic Scapes, Kale and the beautiful Lettuce should be ready to start harvesting. 

We will be traveling home on Friday so... we are just going to say ... we are closed this week at the MilkBarn. Not sure with the weather what time we will get back.

Yes we are missing opening day of market. If you would like to discuss why, come on down to Red Light, grab a cup and visit with us. We will be back next Saturday to the Historic Downtown Farmers Market. 

Eat Good to Feel Good, and we are thankful you know your JV farmers!

 Pre-Order Freezer Specials

Spare Rib Special
Whole or Split
$4 lb this week

Big N Meaty Ribs
These ribs have the belly left on!
Thick and delicious!
$5 lb this week

Pork Neck Bones
lots of meat on these guys
$2 lb

20# of Ground Beef
$120 + tax  $6.00 lb

Friday      We are closed this friday due to traveling home. 

Saturday    Red Light Roastery 1003 Park Ave. Hot Springs 

Sunday     Bernice Gardens 10 AM to 2PM

Here is what is available this week:

Pre orders are welcome!

$6 dzn -- JV Free Range Eggs

$9 lb -- Pork Chops Thick Cut 2 pack or Thin Cut 4 pack
$10 lb --Fresh Side "Thick Sliced" Bacon
$6 lb -- Butt Roast or Picnic Roast  ( 2.5 to 3. lbs Each)
$8 lb -- Fresh Belly Slab 2 to 4 lbs. (fun to refrigerator cure)
$9 lb -- Polish Links   
$9 lb -- German Links 
$7 lb -- Ground Pork-Lean 
$8 lb -- Standing Loin Roast (melt in your mouth pork loin!)
$7 lb -- Kansas City Style Pork Shoulder Steaks
$6 lb -- Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!! $4.00 LB
$7 lb --Big N Meaty Bellie on Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!!! $5.00 LB
$7 lb -- Breakfast Sausage
$7 lb -- Chorizo Sausage
$7 lb -- Italian Sausage
$4 lb -- Neck Bones $2.00 Special

$ 8lb --  Ground Beef
$ 7lb --  Short Ribs
$10lb -- Tenderized Minute Steaks and Round Steaks
$10lb -- Chuck Roast
$10lb -- Arm Roast
$12lb -- Top and Bottom Round Netted Boneless Roast
$5lb --  Liver
$ 8lb -- Canoe Marrow Bones

$5 lb -- Chicken Livers.... the best ever
$5 lb -- Chicken Hearts
$3.50 lb -- Chicken Necks, Feet, Backs and Frames
Jay & Valorie Lee

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