Subject: JV Labor Day Weekend Schedule Hot Springs Market ONLY

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Labor Day Weekend

Hot Springs ONLY!

That is right. Friday we will be at the Arkansas Cattlemans Convention in Hot Springs so the MilkBarn is closed this week. The Bernice Gardens Farmers Market is not having a market at all this Sunday ... Back to schedule next Sunday. So if you need some goodies for the grill or gatherings find us at the Historic Downtown Hot Springs Farmers Market this Saturday 7 to Noon. Val will be at the farm most of the week so if you are needing anything before Saturday... Give us a shout and she can meet ya at the MilkBarn or put you on a delivery route. 

Jay has been super busy with the feed mill here at Bismarck, Val has been at the farm and spending a bit of time with family in North Arkansas. This time of year just keeping up with the mowing and chores in the heat is almost all you can do. This little cool down is making life much happier. Spending one Sunday at home is looking nice too. 

Life gets super busy for everyone. That's why we are offering Delivery options. There is a fee under $100 orders and it is to local  Hot Springs area and Little Rock on Sundays but thanks to technology it isn't too much of a hassle. So if you find it too hard to make it to the Farm or to Market on a Saturday or Sunday and still want that LOCAL, JV Farms Meats and Eggs give us a holler and we can deliver to your home or office. We do need to work it into our schedule but it has gone smoothly so far. If you cannot be home at time of delivery, just leave a cooler on the porch and we will leave it for you. *Dry Ice Works Great.

Pick Up Your Order At:
JV Farms Milk Barn at JV Farms         No MilkBarn this Week
Hot Springs Downtown Market           Saturday 7 to Noon
Bernice Gardens Farmer Market        No Market this Wk... 

Whole Fresh Bone In Hams  are super for those bigger parties or if you just want to have some pulled pork in the freezer for winter meals.
Whole Bone In Loins Little fancier and great presentation for special dinners.
Whole or Half Hogs Skin ON  for Hog Roast parties!!

Sugar Cured and Hickory Smoked Ham...... Now available and sooooo tasty

If you are looking for something special let us know. Maybe we can help you. 

With the cooler weather and the rain,  Val's beautiful basil  will be much happier this week and into the fall.  If you know you want some just shoot us a message and we can save it for you, or look for some this weekend at the Hot Springs Farmers Market . 
Half and Quarter "PIG IN A BOX" Special:

Guaranteed Pricing and Pounds in your family's freezer of 
JV Farms Old-Fashion Heritage Homestead Pork!

Top Choice USDA Processed Cuts You Choose for your Family

No Surprises, Just The Best Old School Homestead Pork Around! 

Half Pig, 55-60 Pounds of USDA Cuts In Your Freezer $300.00 ($5 to $5.50 lb)
1/4 Pig  ,27-30 Pounds of USDA Cuts in Your Freezer $165.00  ($5.50 lb)

You will fill your personal cut sheet for your pork and chose how you want each section of your JV Farms Homestead Pork cut. You get to choose your sausage types and cuts, if you want sausage links and flavors, if you want cured and smoked ham and bacon,  it's all included. We'll add neck bones if you will use them for free, along with liver or heart!

After a lifetime of raising and breeding hogs like our Grandparents did, 6 years working in the USDA processor we use for your pork to be processed at as we were building the farm, and now processing over 100 pigs a year for families like yours and our farm share members, we have learned a thing or two, and it is our goal to help walk you thru all the choices for your family to insure your satisfaction and earn your repeat business!

Visit with us at the Milk Barn or at the Markets! Hot Springs, and Bernice Gardens.

Call or Text us at 501-732-9093
Join the JV Farms Monthly Meat Share and Farm With US!

You can go to to join and pay your deposit.

Whole Shares, $100 per month, are great for large families and folks who like to cook and grill.

Half Shares, $50 per month, are perfect for busy couples or smaller households. 

September will be the start of the fourth year of the JV Farms Monthly Meat Share, and it has been really fun helping families eat healthy and having the burden taken off meal planning for today's busy schedules. The shares offer A-La-Cart options each month for JV Farms Pork, Chicken, and Beef, along with discounts on extra orders for the month when that special occasion or cook out comes along. Many of our members comment on how they are so glad for not having to buy box store meat, and the appreciate the selections and value they receive each month. We appreciate the peace of mind knowing what to grow and who we are growing for.  You can visit with us via email, at the Milkbarn, or Markets for more information or if you have specific needs.  For more information or to answer any questions, please contact us at 501-732-9093 or
Jay & Valorie Lee

JV Farms
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JV Farms, 5754 Sycamore Drive, Bismarck, Arkansas 71929, United States
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