Subject: JV Farms Weekly Update 4-13-16

JV Farms 
 Update  4-13-2016
It’s A Green Explosion!
The greenhouse is overflowing with transplants, the garden is growing with transplants from the greenhouse, the grass is growing, the trees are many shades of green...with all that comes, mowing, weed eating, planting, bug checking, plant feeding...and so on. 

The potatoes are all poking up and it is time to run the tractor through and knock down the grass that is also coming up. The onions are beautiful and green, even though they are crooked. Chinese cabbages, Red Russian Kale, Olympic Red Kale and Dino Kale transplants are out along with the first round of Zephyr squash, Magda squash and Costata Romanesco zucchini. Next to go out will be all that beautiful Brightlights, Peppermint and Yellow Swiss Chard. 
Tractors Make a Difference!
We moved our meat bird chickens to the field in the chicken tractors last week. It is amazing to see what just one year of Chicken Tractoring can do for a neglected hay meadow. We have fewer weeds the grass is greener, healthier and absolutely beautiful. 

Google maps has a recent shot of the chicken field from this winter before the garden spot was worked up. Chicken tractor checker board. Amazing!!!
We’ve added Bernice Gardens in Little Rock to our weekly routine from 10 to 2 Sunday. We will try to be there every week. Jay and Joe went this past week. You may find any combination of us there! 

But don’t forget Friday at the MilkBarn at the Farm from 11 to 6 and Saturday at the Historic Downtown Hot Springs Farmers Market.
Jay & Valorie Lee

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