Subject: JV Farms Update "This Little Piggy" May 2018

JV Farms May '18 Update
"This Little Piggy"
In This Update:
  • Grandpaw's Favorite Pigs
  • What is Available This Week at the Market and Milk Barn
  • Half Pig Special, and New Quarter Pig Box!
  • Meat Share Summer Season Sign Ups
  • Weekly Schedule For Summer 2018
  • New Milk Prices and Raw Milk On Tap
Grandpaw's Favorite Pigs:

When I, Val, was little, my grandpa would take me down to the barn to see the baby pigs. I loved all the different color pigs in just one litter. Grandpa told us just the other day at breakfast, when we were visiting my home place in north Arkansas on the Missouri  line.... That piglet surprise, was his favorite part about raising pigs... "Those colored piglets." So every time our pigs have a litter, I am reminded of going to see grandpas pigs. He always asks me when we visit ... "How many pigs did that sow have, and are they different colors, what do they look like?"  I am proud to raise pigs the way he was taught to raise em by his folks, and how he shared with me, his grand kid......
Available This Week at The Market and Milk Barn:

Eggs                                                       $ 6 dz
Pork Chops     (thick or thin)                $9 lb
Loin Roast      (2# average)                  $8 lb
Superior Brats (2# pack)                      $15 pack
Superior Franks (2# pack)                    $15 pack
Polish Links                                           $8 lb
Mesquite Lime Kielbasa Links             $8 lb            
Breakfast Sausage                                $6 lb
Chorizo  Sausage                                  $6 lb
Fresh Side Bacon                                  $10 lb
Ground Pork-Ham                                 $7 lb
Spare Ribs                                             $6 lb
Neck Bones                                            $4 lb

Beef Ground                                            $8 lb
T-Bone, Rib Eye                                      $22 lb
Round Steaks                                          $12 lb
Sirloin                                                      $16 lb
Short Ribs                                               $ 6 lb

Chicken Stock Parts                              $3 lb
Chicken Feet                                          $3 dozen
Hearts and Livers                                  $5 lb

Whole, Half, and Cut Chickens will be available first of June

Did  you know that our Old-Fashion Breakfast Sausage is MSG Free, Nitrate Free, No Fillers, All Whole Hog Cuts, and a  80 year old family recipe........Yep!!

$300.00 Half Hog Special 2018
$160.00 Quarter Hog Special 2018-----NEW---!!!

USDA Processed to your families order and wishes.  

You choose your families cuts, package sizes, seasonings, and sausage types, cured and smoked bacon and/or hams. 

50 to 60 lbs goes in your families freezer depending on your cut selection per half( 25-30lbs per quarter). 

In addition to your cuts you also get neck bones, heart, and liver if you will use them.

We have a simple "Cut Sheet" form we fill out for you pork.

What makes the difference on the weights you put in the freezer you may ask?
----more sausage/boneless cuts is the main difference on the pack weight of each hog

You chose June, July, or August delivery/pickup.
$75 deposit to reserve your half hog, $50 for quarter hog,
pay the balance at delivery, 
put it on the "Lay-A-Way Pig Plan" and have it paid for by delivery time. 

We will deliver to your local market or you can pick it up at the farm.  
Please email us with any questions at or go to to sign up!
Farm Share Summer '18 Sign Up:

Sign up now for the "Summer Season" meat share,  and take some of the work out of eating good. Six month minimum season, stay with us as long as you like, you pick your family's plan, you will see us once a month for your share and any extras, get a share member's email, get discounts on additional purchases, and enjoy some of the best locally grown meats, while supporting local small businesses, and local small farms. We are Arkansas Grown and Arkansas Made from the Corn to the Oink!

Pork, Chicken, and Beef plans, or any combination of two proteins, or we do single protein plans as well. 

Farming is Crazy, and we understand life is crazy busy, kids here, kids there, work meetings, doctor appointments, grocery shopping.........trying to eat good........

we understand eating good is a challenge, 
we understand that time is short, 
we understand sourcing, preparing, and cooking a healthy meal needs to be quick and simple, 

We want to help.........We want to be your farmer!  

The JVF meat share is all about getting you the quality local food you want, in easy to use cuts, a wide assortment of sausages that moms, dads, and kids love, without any of the the bad ingredients none of us want in our food, and to go with those reasons, you know your making a difference on the local level, and the best of all, you know your farmer....which means, you know your food!

Visit with us at the Milk Barn or Farmers Market, or email us. We can send you the plan options to go over with your family.
Weekly Schedule for Summer 2018
Thursdays  HSV Green Market at Grove Park     8 to Noon
Fridays       Milk Barn at JVF                                Noon to 5
Saturdays   Hot Springs Farmers Market             7 am to Noon
Sunday      Bernice Gardens Market                  10 am to 2 pm

Good Earth Natural Foods, Hot Springs
Clampit's Country Kitchen, Hot Springs Village

Superior Bathhouse Brewery, Bath House Row, Hot Springs

Follow along on Facebook for opening dates for your Market, we are so excited to get back in the swing and see y'all this year!
New Milk Price & Raw Milk On Tap

Bring your clean jar or growler, and we will fill it with JV Farms Jersey Girls Cow's Milk right out of our bulk tank for $8.00 per gallon. (we have glass 1/2 gallon jars for an additional $2.50 each if you do not have jars)

or you can join the "Milk Plan" and get your milk for:

$6.00 a gallon
---pick up weekly/bi-weekly
---bring clean jars to fill
---pay monthly on the first week of each month
---pick your day of week
---3:30 pm to 5:00 pm pickup times most days at the farm, unless other arrangements are made.

Click on the link above and watch our facebook video featuring the new bulk tank, milk labels, and jars!
Farm Fresh Eggs! $6.00 per Dozen 
Jay & Valorie Lee

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