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September Newsletter
September news and updates......

We hope this finds your family doing well!
Going into the Fall

On Line orders will continue with Arkansas Natural Produce and other local farms, through the coming fall and winter. Delivery to local HS area will be available most every week.

 The Farm Store will be open most every Friday Noon to 5

Historic Downtown Farmers Market will be on the schedule for MOST Saturdays thru the Fall and Winter.

The trips to LR will slow down and we will be going a few Sundays per month. 

Please watch Facebook, Newsletter Email Updates and The OnLine Store Home Page for Schedule updates. 


This Week Sept 11-12: 

 This coming week is a great week to catch up with us. We will be at all three locations. Farm Share Members can pick up this week if you like or you are welcome to wait until the weekend of September 25-27.

Next Week Sept 18-20
This is the week we will be unavailable at ALL LOCATIONS. We are taking the whole weekend off so no ONLINE ORDERS will be available.

Week Sept 25-27 
We will be back to the regular schedule and you can find us at all locations. 

Online Store Updates:
You can still find some lovely produce from Arkansas Natural. The greens have been in shorter supply with the warmer weather and the Peppers and Eggplants have taken center stage. The Poblanos and the Anaheim are so delicious right now. I love the Jalapenos as well. They are so large and mild, great for stuffing!! The weather is about to change and those wonderful greens will start to be more plentiful.

We have plenty eggs on the online store as well. JV eggs are there and we have eggs available from Stoney Creek Farms. They are also free ranging hens and they eat the same Layer Feed ours do. Locally Grown and Locally Made at our feed mill LF Feeds.

We will continue to deliver and have pickups at market available BUT our schedules will not be the same every week so please stay updated on the Facebook page, these updates and on the Online Store Home Page I will announce where will be weekly.

Weekly Veggie Bundle:

No Veggie Bundles right now. When we have a little more selection and abundance we will start these back.

JV Beef:
Right now we have a good selection of JV Beef. I only include some of the things online. So we do have Roasts, Short Ribs, Liver, Knuckle Bones, Heart, Marrow Bones, and Ground. I keep a good selection at the farm and it is hard to carry everything so if you are wanting something please let me know so I can bring it to market. The best way to contact is by phone or text.

JV Pork:
The pigs are doing well. We are filling all those orders for whole, half and quarter pigs. We have a good selection of pork to choose from and as with the beef, we dont list EVERYTHING we have every week. We have a good selection of sausage flavors, Thick and Thin Chops, Roasts,  Bulk 5 lb Packs of Ground Pork, Ham, Neck-bones, Pork Fat and more. If you are wanting something and want to insure you get it at market..... please contact me and let me know. Phone and Text are the best way to get you message to me.

JV Chicken:
Something we never have enough of! We were slightly knocked off schedule with the chickens when we had a predator issue with a group of chickens that were short in number coming from the hatchery to begin with. So we have been playing catch-up on those Fresh From the Farm Chickens. We have lots of chicken we are just a little behind. This is also why we have not had any available for retail. Lots of preorders and Farm Share Members 

JV Lamb:
The first two went to the processor last week. By the end of the month we should have them back. We are not taking preorders on the lamb. We may in the future but until we become more familiar with how they yeild and how they taste, we will hold off on preorders. New product for us and we need to do some R&D. But we will have JV Lamb chops, Roasts, Steaks, Ribs, soup bones, and shanks for sale by the end of Sept or the first of Oct. 

JV Raw Milk:
Thats right.... we are working on getting the roof on the old 1930s Milk Barn TODAY! So we hope to be milking cows in the same spot as Jays Grandpa and Grandma started in very soon. The two main Milk Cows, Louise and 22 have their babies on the ground and are ready to start getting their special ration, brush downs, and extra alfalfa everyday.  We will announce as soon as we have it available. Remember, Raw Milk is only available from the farm, Raw Whole Milk. We cannot make cheese, butter, buttermilk or kifer. But you can buy the whole raw milk and do all those wonderful things.

Jay & Valorie Lee

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