Subject: JV Farms May 5th Newsletter

JV Farms 
May 5th Newsletter

We hope your family is doing well thru all the crazy going on due to this Covid-19 Pandemic....

We are doing well here at the farm, and are very much appreciative of the overwhelming support and unprecedented demand for products from the farm that we have received over the past month. 

We have some important serious news, some good news, some news on changes at markets, and some of our thoughts on the current state of agriculture and our national food supply to share with you in this update. 

Val and I never guessed we would see the USA's agriculture and food supply in the predicament we are in need to know that the problem we have now is is not farmers! all across the country have done their jobs.....livestock, grains, and veggies are ready, in the fields, and on the farms........

The problem is a multi tiered bottle neck is in the packer & processing sector....just this morning on ag day news they shared that by then end of this week the large national processing plants weekly production will be down 25% and due to that.....meat prices are at a record high.....cases are empty in box stores and limits set on can and will most likely get worse.........did you know that over 90% of food processing is controlled by five companies, two of which are foreign owned. 

Of this 90%.....80% is processed in less than 100 large plants across the country...........when added up....the rush on buying and stocking up.....the shut downs of large plants.....shortage in labor due to covid-19 all means we are going to see things we would not have ever imagined.........

Due to this.....we have been frantically working to schedule, schedule, plan, plan, for processing dates, feed, seeds, hay....even have ran into issues getting laying hen chicks along with broiler chicks....luckily we have been able to keep our standing orders and add some numbers along with finding another local chick hatchery willing to add us a new client....

Finally......We are not worrying and missing sleep over having everything we need......please do not get us wrong........ things can still mess up, and farming has risks no matter what.....however, we feel that for our clients, farm share members, and our family.....we are in pretty good position to weather the coming months of uncertainty......we personally know businesses and farms our local area and in other parts of the country that are not in as good shape as we are and may not make it. This is a very trying time for all of us.   

This past week we scheduled our processing dates for 2021....yes 2021....!!!!!
The two small usda inspected plants we use for processing are now booking their normal clients like JVF for the entire year 2021 to make sure and take care of our-your put this into perspective.....typically....... we book six months out....and now we are booking livestock processing dates 1.5 years out.....we have added numbers to our dates so we can increase our production to meet demand. 

Pork, Beef, and Chicken Update:
We are only going to be able to raise and process what we have scheduled and growing now !  Supply is LIMITED.....Help us plan now!
  • If you or someone you know are interested in joining the monthly farm share we have a link at the online store to get on the list. We will be adding new members in JUNE and space is limited.....
  • If you are wanting to place an order for bulk pork or beef..... please get with us now, either email or go to the online store and look under "freezer filler tab" and put your deposit on your larder.....we are now into late summer and fall delivery dates for bulk orders
  • If you are interested in buying bulk, fresh from the farm, chicken we also have those listed online as well.......the chickens are sold fresh on ice, in groups of five not bagged or cut up.....that is your part and why they cost less this way.
On to the Good Stuff!

The online store has been such a blessing to all of us! Thank you to everyone who orders and has ordered thru has been a lifeline to keep things going and getting the food to your table....Veggie ordering ends an noon on Wednesdays so that we can harvest for Friday, Saturday, and Sundays orders. The system has a couple hiccups....when you check will tell you pickup is Friday at the milk barn....if you will please add a "note" at checkout letting us know where you want to pick up it will help us greatly.....and....we offer delivery options as well.  

We will be adding more crops as they get ready, and yes, tomatoes, peas, corn, and more will show up on the store as they start getting harvested.  We have products from Arkansas Natural Produce along with REAL Wild Flower Honey from Arkansas Bee Man & JV Farms Eggs and Pork this week......We will update the site every Sunday at 6 pm for that weeks ordering.....Currently our Pork, Beef, and Chicken inventory is limited. We will be picking up at the processor in two weeks and will add more pork and beef then....Chicken will be ready mid June and updated then.

Farmers Market News

Hot Springs Farmers Market is back open!  Saturdays 7 am to Noon

Bernice Gardens Market is back open! Sundays 11 am to 1 pm

JVF Milk Barn is open Fridays Noon to 5 pm

Each market is practicing social distancing, face covering, hand washing and hand disinfectants for everyone's safety.

We have some exciting good news also.....

The Milk Barn is getting a new roof this week along with some new upgrades over the next few weeks! Once the roof is done, we will be adding a new on farm chicken processing room, a walk in cooler for veggies, electrical upgrades, a few other updates here and there.......and the cows are calving too.... so we will be able to offer raw milk from the farm soon!

Our no till garden is doing well and we will be having veggies from it soon....and then the big garden at the milk barn is ready to plant this week as long as we do not get to much has been a little be wet this spring....and we are behind getting it planted.....

We have a litter of puppies from "Puppy" the livestock guard dog at that stays at the milk barn. She watches after the cows, goats, and chickens. The pups are out of Her and the sire is an Italian Mastiff/Cane-Corso.....These pups will make awesome watch-guard dogs. They will be BIG....and need lots of room....not house dogs! If you know of anyone looking for one send them our way, they will be ready in six weeks for their new farm homes. 

Well, we hope this find you well, and we look forward to seeing everyone over the next couple of weeks....this week we will be at the Milk Barn Friday, and Hot Springs Farmers Market Saturday......we are taking Sunday-Mothers Day off from Bernice Gardens Market and will be back there next week on Sunday the 17th.
Jay & Valorie Lee

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