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JV Farms 
May 2021
Hope this finds everyone well. The farm is doing well and spring is definitely in the air. We have 2 new baby calves and it looks like Vera will be delivering another new addition any day. That will leave the 2 milk cows Louise and 22 remaining. They will be soon to follow. 

Several new baby pigs are running around and we have a few more sows who are also expecting new litters. 

The white and crimson clovers are covering in bloom now and a welcome addition for the nose and the eyes. The bees and butterflies are sure enjoying them right now too. 

Jay was able to locate and purchase his grandfather's tractor which was sold after he passed away. Last month we got it home where we could fix some minor issues and it is now back to running. Jay hooked up the bushhog and started getting things mowed... something that has the farm has greatly been needing. 

The Feed Mill keeps us pretty busy during the week. Staying home from the Saturday market and instead opening the Farm Store 10 to 2 Saturdays has made a huge improvement for the farm. We are able to get more accomplished being there on the farm. Also, having someone to run our deliveries on Friday afternoons is a huge help. When you come out to the farm to shop, choose products not only from our farm, but other local farms. Good selection of Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Eggs from our farm. I have also started growing and harvesting Sunflower Micro Greens... super nutritious and delicious.  Mushrooms from Plethora Fungi are available each week. Beautiful Produce from Arkansas Natural Produce is available all year. Cauliflower, Fennel, Bok Choy, Spinach, Cilantro, Asian Greens, Spring Mix and Kohlrabi is all coming out of their green houses now. We harvested the first Radishes, Garlic Scapes and Green Garlic this week from our Farm. Sweet Potatoes from Arkansas. Honey from Arkansas Bee Man. Jam, Jelly, Salsa, Apple Butter and Pickled Beets from Stutzman Pantry. Always plenty to shop from. 

This past week we loaded up 6 pigs, 2 lambs and 1 beef to be processed. We have been waiting for the the beef to be ready until we started taking Beef Larder deposits. We will have some 1/8th Beef Larders available on the online store, paid in person in the store or I can always email an invoice. The beef will take a month to get back to the farm. The balance due at pickup or before delivery.

I have also updated upcoming Quarter, Half and Whole Hog Larders on the online site for processing dates thru the end of the year. You can choose the month on the order form. This is the month that the pork will be processed. It takes about a month for the cure and smoked meats to be ready and all back to the farm for pickup or delivery. So if you for example choose a half pork for July, you will be receiving the finished product in August. 

Friday at the Farm Noon to 5pm

Friday Home Delivery Friday's 2 to 5pm (est. time depending on the amount of deliveries and where you are on the route)

Saturday at the Farm 10am to 2 pm
****Sat. May 15th we will be closed****

Farm Share Members 
 Monthly Meat Shares are still available each month. If you cannot come out to the farm for pickup on Fridays or Saturdays, we can always put you on the delivery route. If you cannot be home on Friday afternoon for the delivery, leave a cooler and your order will be left in the cooler at delivery. Simply email, call or text me the week you would like delivery, I will email you an invoice and it will be delivered on that Friday afternoon. I will coordinate with you on your choices of cuts available to fill your monthly meat share. We are planning on attending the Little Rock Bernice Gardens Market at least once per month and will contact all our Little Rock Members with the dates each month. 

If you are interested in becoming a Monthly Meat Share Member, please contact us or come out to the farm and visit with us about it. 
Jay & Valorie Lee

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