Subject: JV Farms Leap Year Weekend Update

JV Farms 
Leap Year Weekend!!
February is a little longer this year as it is every few years to account for our earths rotation around the Sun, and that give us an extra weekend this month......

This Friday the Milk Barn is open Noon till 5pm

Saturday we will be at the Hot Springs Farmers Market 9am till Noon

We have a couple of specials going on right now:

1.  Hamburger- Three pounds for $20

2. Sausage- Four pounds for $20  

3. Sausage Links- Three pounds for $20

4. Pork Spare Ribs-- $3 pound

5. Pork Neck Bones  $2 pound

There is not a whole lot of news to share other we have been working on getting caught up on all the winter chores the past week as the rain has slowed up a bit, and if your like us here, the warmer sun shiny days are all that we need......

If your interested in the farm share program, monthly subscription of farm goodies of pork, chicken, and beef let us know and keep watching your email. We have made a few changes that will give more options and value......along with more options for non-meat products like local veggies too!

Thanks for farming with us, as always, text or call us at 501-732-9093 with any questions or special orders.

Val and Jay.......Rio too!
Jay & Valorie Lee

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