Subject: JV Farms June Newsletter

JV Farms 
June Newsletter
June news and updates......

We hope this finds your family doing well! 

The farm is doing good, we are doing good, and we are thankful!!...however a little tired some days.....

So much going on and so much to share with you this month, long email with a lot of news. 

  • July 4th Holiday---Get your meats this week!
  • Online Store Updates
  • Seasonal Veggie Bundle available Weekly
  • Sweet Corn Orders and More!
  • Farm Projects Completed and Working On...
  • Reservations for Fall Beef and Pork 
  • New Feed Mill for Central Arkansas
  • JV Farms' "New Normal" and what is next....

July 4th Holiday Orders:

The freezers are full and we have good selections of Pork and Beef for your holiday grilling plans.  

This week would be a great time to get what your wanting for the 4th Holiday........ If you cannot order or stop by and shop with us this week Friday-Saturday-Sunday, we will be open next week on Friday July the Milk Barn.

We are not going to be at the markets July 4th or July 5th. We will be taking a break from all the running around and spend some time with family! 

The Farm Store will be open for pick ups July 3rd, and we will also make deliveries to Hot Springs area on  Friday July 3rd......

If you would like Front Porch Delivery, you can click on one of two buttons that have a "Rooster" on the them when you place your order....there is one button for "IN CITY $5.00" and the second button is for "OUT of City $10.00"

We normally do Front Porch Deliveries each week for Hot Springs Saturday mornings 7 to 9 am weekly. Fresh From The Farm To Your Door!

Online Store Updates:

We are steadily updating the online store with new veggies and seasonal can start ordering each Sunday at 6pm, and we will close orders Wednesday at noon so we can know how much to harvest Thursday.

We usually have extras each week if you miss the online order times, but not always of everything.....

New this week you will find "Celebrity" and "Juliet" tomatoes grown by 5K farms in Donaldson,AR. 

The "Celebrity" is a medium to large size slicer and the "Juliet" is a pear shaped salad type. They are both wonderful!

JV Crookneck Squash and Green Zucchini, Pye Farm Green Tomatillos, AR Natural Sweet Romanian Peppers, AR Natural Green Bells......and all sorts of salad greens, herbs, and more....the products keep growing each week....check them out here.

Weekly Veggie Bundle:

The Weekly Veggie Bundle is the go to if you want a assortment of the best we have each week....this week the bundle has: tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and spring salad mix! 

Each week we will change the box up to have the best we have and the best our neighbor farms are growing!

Sweet Corn, Peas, and Beans!

July is Sweet Corn Month! 
We will have Esau's Sweet Corn July 6th, July 13th, and possibility of July 20th if the crop holds out that long....
60 ear bags are $28 picked up at the farm. 
Please call, text, or email to reserve a bag, or click on this link to reserve yours.

Purple Hull Peas are also getting ready and will be available mid July.......
We  will have Shelled Purple Hull Peas available in 10# bags $45.00
(this is basically a Bushel of Peas shelled)
Reservations are available now and are limited!
Beef and Pork Available Fall:

We will have a limited number of Beefs and Porks for fall freezer fillers!

We sell our beef and pork a little different than most farms do......we guarantee the amount in pounds of actual cuts your putting into your freezer when you buy a whole, half, quarter, or eighth of an beef or pork for your family.

Most farms selling in the market place use the term, HWT, or Hanging Weight of the dressed Carcass.....this is the amount you will pay on before it is cut into the cuts on your order..... you will typically pay $ per pound of HWT plus the processing/harvest fees......and the processor fees will add $ to your final cost per pound in the freezer.....along with the genetics of the livestock and how it was raised, can leave several differences in how your final cost plays to farm, processor to processor...... pounds in your freezer can be drastically different.....this is why we guarantee you will put at least 200 lbs in your freezer from a half of beef or at least 120 lbs in your freezer from a whole hog based on typical standard cuts. 
New Feed Mill, LF Feeds LLC
We, Jay and Valorie along with neighbor farmer Darren, have purchased the longstanding well known Cook's Feed Mill in Bismarck, and are making custom rations using locally grown grains for Horses, Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, and Chickens. 

If you know of anyone feeding livestock for personal use or for selling meat to the public like we do, and would like a trustworthy feed maker, have them contact Jay at 501-304-4323 to learn more about the feeds we make and how we can help......all of us livestock producers need good reliable, affordable, and trustworthy feed products and this is the main reason we have joined up to purchase the feed mill and work with other local farmers so that we all can have the best!
New Normal

"When is the new normal going to get here?"......never said the cow to the pig"

Here at the farm we are steadily rolling with flow though all the changes and challenges that Covid-19 has brought to us all, and it is our hope that as we all reach for new normals of daily life we can all see the good in each other and how we are all in this it or not.....we are, and it is going to take everyone working together to make it to a new normal!

We have been trying to pace ourselves with the daily schedule and challenges the uptick in demand has brought to the farm and work load, most days are 12 hours or more and then you feel like there is so much more that needs done.....

Today has been good so far! We slept in, till 5, and enjoyed a little slower pace this morning.

Since it is raining, which we needed rain for the grass and garden, we have spent the morning getting house picked, sending this email out to all of you, along with catching up on the farms emails, online store, and book work......we get behind on inside work when its not raining....

Thank you for farming with us and eating local!  

Jay & Valorie Lee

JV Farms
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JV Farms, 5754 Sycamore Drive, Bismarck, Arkansas 71929, United States
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