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JV Farms 
June 2021
Happy Fathers Day!!!
Look at all the wonderful things this client recieved in their Friday  front door delivery!! Only 5$ to add delivery on your online orders. Veggie orders close every Wednesday morning for the harvest order on Thursday morning. You can always pickup at the Farm on Fridays or Saturdays. ( Closed this Sat. the 19th for Fathers Day). We love to see photos of the orders, so please share photos or tag us on Facebook!
We have started the Elephant Garlic Harvest here at JV Farms. It has been a wonderful year for garlic, it has really appreciated all the rain!. These are available starting this week online or at the MilkBarn. Mild, Sweet, and easier to use. Some of these are one solid clove, like a garlic apple! Some have many large cloves. It all depends on the stage of the planted clove what it decides to make. I love lots of garlic so I really love that I can peel one large one instead of many. Garlic is so very healthy!! A prebiotic, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory. Boosts immunity and it makes most things taste amazing. These are fresh right now. You can uses them fresh or leave them in your veggie rack to dry and use them as you need. The flavor only gets concentrated.
Its Fathers Day Weekend!! Enjoy a JV FARMS PORK LINK PACK!! Three different packages of three different JV Pork Links. Awesome for the these summer outings and grilling days! This month included in the 
Pork Link Pack:      1) JV Bratwurst quarter lb links
                                 1) JV Maple Sausage quarter lb links
                                 1) JV Mesquite Lime quarter lb links 
RIBS RIBS RIBS!! The Big n Meaty Pork Ribs are back in stock!! This is a Pork Rib with the Belly left on. Best ribs ever! They do take a little longer to cook but we had the butcher cut them down for easier cooking. 
LAMB RIB SPECIAL! We have Whole Racks of Lamb Ribs for 15$ this week. These are no spare ribs either. Not trimmed so they are the same as above just LAMB instead. We tried these out last weekend and they are amazing cooked just like pork ribs. 
We have a new BEEF back at the farm which means the Ground Beef Special is back!!!! Also lots of cuts are available. Steaks, Tenderized, Stew Meat, Short Ribs, Roasts and all the extras!!
I am growing Sunflower Micro-greens here at the farm now. Available most weeks. This week I had an issue with my sprouting but next week looks great! Sunflower Micros are loaded with nutrients and health benefits! Complete protein, chlorophyll, vitamin A,B,D,E, and Zinc, boost immunity, minerals, natural expectorant and low in calories. Great addition to the diet. 
Arkansas Natural is adding new products weekly with the growing season in full swing. This week cucumbers, eggplant, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, salad greens, kale, collards and all the herbs are available. We have the weekly 20$ Veggie Bag back! Also the 10$ Herb Bundle. You can always order individually. I do order some of the most popular things for shopping at the farm on Fridays and Saturdays. 
Mushrooms from Plethora Fungi have been amazing. The varieties change almost every week. This week we have Oyster, Shiitake, King Trumpet and Lions Mane available. I do order extra each week for at the farm shopping and my weekly menu. But you can always pre-order on the online market to insure you get the variety you like. 
                            Friday at the Farm Noon to 5pm

Friday Home Delivery Friday's 2 to 5pm (est. time depending on the amount of deliveries and where you are on the route)

Saturday at the Farm 10am to 2 pm
****Sat. June 19th we will be closed****

Sunday June 27th at Bernice Gardens Little Rock

Farm Share Members 
 Monthly Meat Shares are still available each month. If you cannot come out to the farm for pickup on Fridays or Saturdays, we can always put you on the delivery route. If you cannot be home on Friday afternoon for the delivery, leave a cooler and your order will be left in the cooler at delivery. Simply email, call or text me the week you would like delivery, I will email you an invoice and it will be delivered on that Friday afternoon. I will coordinate with you on your choices of cuts available to fill your monthly meat share. We are planning on attending the Little Rock Bernice Gardens Market at least once per month and will contact all our Little Rock Members with the dates each month. 

If you are interested in becoming a Monthly Meat Share Member, please contact us or come out to the farm and visit with us about it. 
Jay & Valorie Lee

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