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February News
Good early morning everyone. I am listening to the rooster alarm as I write this. Not this particular roo, but as roosters go... they pretty much sound the same and are pretty reliable. 

It is 6 am, Jay just headed off to Van Buren for Keys Butcher shop to pick up our latest beef and pork. The early mornings is typically when I like to catch up on my computer work for the farm and the LF Feeds feed mill. Pretty much the only time for quiet and inside work. Sending invoices, updating websites, keeping books, order scheduling  and organization .... these are tasks that have never been in my wheelhouse and it seems has taken me about a year to get into a routine and to feel comfortable. I would much rather be outside or in the kitchen working with my hands. 

As soon as the sun gets up, I will head out and feed all the critters. The Feed Mill has a load of Arkansas Corn coming this morning plus a molasses truck, so... even though we are not open on Mondays at the mill.... Darren and I will be working there a bit today.

 We had a couple of litters of new piglets in Jan.  Fresh round rolls of hay were put out this weekend for bedding and protection from the cold weather this week. The Superior Bath House and Brewery still supplies us with the spent grains from the beer brewing as well as SQBX Pizza. We hauled a truck load from Superior on Saturday morning after making our deliveries. This morning they will get a ration of Arkansas grains which we make at the mill. 

The cows and calves were separated this past week so we have a set of 5 weaning babies up. It has been a noisy week with all the mooing..... but it must be done so the cows have a break before the next calves arrive. 

I sorted off one of my nanny goats last week and assinged her a private stall in the barn. She is very close to kidding. Typically they wait until a storm or it is super cold.... so maybe this week we will have a goat baby or two. 

Six lambs are also at the barn. Three of these guys are making the trip in a week or two. I have never been a huge fan of sheep. They seem to be the one farm animal that every day I ask... why are you so dumb? I have also, never really liked cooking with lamb...mainly because we didn't raise them.... so I didn't buy it. Lamb has a very distinct flavor and it has always seemed a little sharp for me. Since we started raising these guys last year, I have been practicing and I have to say I am getting better. Last night I made Lamb Meatballs first roasted then cooked in a  Coconut Curry, which was wonderful. They may be growing on me yet.

The feed mill is very busy this time of year. Grain prices continue to increase with no end in sight. Makes farming farming much more costly, not only for us, but anyone feeding animals in the time of the year when ...... you need to feed animals. 

Home Deliveries and on farm pickups are going great! 
Farmers Markets will be less often this winter. Please watch our Facebook Page weekly and look for our monthly updates for our locations. 

The Hot Springs Market informed us that this weekend there will be no market. We are meeting in the parking lot from 10 to 10:30 on Saturday before we head off to make deliveries. 

Little Rock Meet Up will be this weekend Feb 14! 12 to 1 on Sunday at Bernice Gardens Parking Lot.  


This Months Schedule:

This weekend Feb. 12-14
Friday: Noon to 5 at the MilkBarn at JVF

Saturday: Hot Springs Meet Up at the 
Farmers Market Parking Lot 10-10:30 am 

Saturday: Hot Springs Home Delivery

Sunday: Little Rock Meet Up at the
 Bernice Gardens Parking Lot 12-1

Feb. 19-20
Friday: Noon to 5pm at the MilkBarn at JVF

Saturday: Morning Home Delivery Hot Springs Area

Market in Hot Springs will be announced the week of.

Feb. 26-27
Friday: Noon to 5pm at the MilkBarn at JVF

Saturday: Home Delivery to Hot Springs Area

Market in Hot Springs will be announced the week of.

Farm Share Members 
 You guys have the option for home delivery as well. I can email you an invoice, let you know availability of meats and cuts, and add you to the delivery route. 

If you are picking up at one of the meet up locations, please email or text me what you would like in this months meat share and where you will be picking up. Since we are not setting up for market, it is hard to load freezers for retail sales. I am at the farm with all the freezers and meats on Fridays so you can come shop there or send me your requests and I will have it put together for you on pickup or delivery. 
Jay & Valorie Lee

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