Subject: JV Farms "Change In The Way That The Wind Blows"

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"Change In The Way That The Wind Blows"
For ten years now we have made the trip weekly to local farmers markets in Hot Springs, and three years ago we started attending Bernice Gardens in Little Rock...............

And, It seems like yesterday this crazy journey began........

We forget that not everyone knows the story behind the farm and the WHY?.........or Where we are going for that matter..............

10 plus years ago you would have found us collectively over 300 pounds heavier.......yes three hundred pounds!

We know that change was needed to get control of our weight, and lifestyle, we both grew up on small family farms owned by our grandparents that gardened and raised their own meats like they had generations before...... 

We have always farmed and raised livestock.....and instead of shipping animals off the farm, and us buying the processed proteins back from the box stores......ten years ago we flipped the table, went back to our raising-roots...... and started grwoing our own protein and veggies plus made changes on all aspects of our "normal" habits.....not only eating, but farming also!

Today we are much more healthy, and are still on the journey to better health. We will more than likely drop a few more pounds to reach goals we set long ago.....we eat what we grow, and have learned the better quality meat that is not processed or pumped up, is way better for us and we eat less----most of the time!!!

We still love those big Rib Eyes and T Bones that hang off the plate.....however, that will be two meals for both of us, and hold the baked potato and bread........add a big fresh greens salad, and sweet potato please!

We still eat out a couple times each week while traveling to Market, and love the El Sur Taco truck for lunch at market each Sunday......

Most of you met us at the Farmers Market, or you would not be on the email list, any time when visiting the markets, stop buy and visit....

We are more than happy to share......the bad and good.....what we have learned about food thru our journey. Val keeps a lot of good content on her facebook page about what all we do food wise.     "Dirty Farm Girl"

Val keeps a lot of good pictures, recipes, and information about what all we are doing.......

We have September Specials this month at the Market and MilkBarn

Fall and Winter Farm Share Sign Ups too!!

Not going to go thru it all, you know the drill, Pork-Chicken-Beef

Eating good to feel good is our saying these days......and knowing what we are it helps or hurts what we try to stay focused on....

We promise to keep farming this way....this is the WHY. 

Below are some pics from the past few days....bone broth, lard, chickens on grass, kittens, flowers....

Thanks for stopping by and getting on this email list, hopefully, we see you again soon!
Jay & Valorie Lee

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