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August Newsletter
August news and updates......

We hope this finds your family doing well! 

The farm is crazy busy, the feed mill is crazy busy and it is hard to keep up. This time of year is always tough so we do expect it. It is also hard to complain about the rain but it has made the mowing almost impossible to keep up with this year. 

So much going on and so much to share with you this month, long email with a lot of news. .

This Week: 

We will not be at the HS or the Bernice markets this weekend. We simply do not have enough selection of meats to justify spending 2 days at the markets. The online market is open and Val will be at the barn on Friday for pickups and we will run the deliveries. Just because we are low on meats doesn't mean we have no meats. There is a good selection of Beef! Arm Roasts, Chuck Roasts, Tenderized, Ground, Short Ribs and a great selection of Bone Broth Making Knuckle and Marrow Bones. 
Pork is limited but we still have some Chorizo, Andouillie, Ham and Ham Steaks, 5lb Ground Pork Packs,  Pork Neck Bones which are super meaty and make a tasty Bone Broth. We have lots of Pork Fat right now which makes awesome Lard or great to mix with grinds for all you Deer Hunters out there. 
We are starting to process chickens this week and we have some great bone broth making chicken parts, livers and hearts. Retail Chickens will be in short supply until next month because we are covering our Fresh From The Farm Chickens which are on preorder and our Monthly Meat Shares. However we have 300 Chicks in the brooder I am starting to put on pasture today. So... Chicken Plenty is coming. 

Online Store Updates:

Online ordering starts on Sunday evening. Ordering closing is now Wednesday at 7am. I am spending most of my Wednesdays at the Feed Mill and have not been able to get my order in on time so we are moving the time up. 

We have continued the partnership with Arkansas Natural Produce. They consistently have beautiful produce. Some wonderful peppers are available now. The Shishitos are amazing! The Red Jalapenos are one of my favorite too, big enough to stuff, mild and a little sweet. 
Eggplants both Japanese and Italian. Micro Greens!!!
The Spring Mix and other wonderful greens do slow down in the summer heat but there are some available every week. 

Eggs have been on short supply. Our hens slowed considerably about 2 weeks ago and are slowly starting to lay again. We will try to add another farm on eggs to the online ordering to bring some availability.

Weekly Veggie Bundle:

No Veggie Bundle this week. We will start back next week.

Purple Hull Peas

Purple hull pea reservations will be refunded. The farm we were dealing with had a bad year and overbooked. So none for us. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to sit at the computer this afternoon and get them refunded. 

New Feed Mill, LF Feeds LLC
We have been so much busier than we expected in the first weeks we have been open. That is a great problem to have with a new business. We have seen quite a turn in our animals also. The batch of chickens we start to process this week will be mostly fed with our grower feed and have done so much better with growth and vigor than what we have seen in the almost 2 yrs since we left the feed mill. The pigs and calves have "blown up" in the past two weeks. For those of you who are wondering what that means.... it is a term all us farming folks use to describe how an animal starts to really fill in. The top of the back gets wider, which is were the chops and the steaks come from. The rump starts to get a little wider and has more shape, ham and roasts! From the front of the animal you begin to see more distance between the front legs and thickness in the shoulders, butt and picnic roasts, chuck and arm roasts and brisket.
It is really nice to see such an improvement. Also, really shows us what we have been missing in the past two years of having to do something different on feed. 
Jay & Valorie Lee

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