Subject: JV Farms April 2020 Farm & Covid-19 Update

JV Farms
Farming and Covid-19
Update 4-7-2020 

Wow, the past couple of week have been crazy to say the least......things are happening that we never thought we would see.....empty meat cases at the box store, not a roll of toilet paper to be found, and not being able to shake hands or hug a loved one......AND the way we serve you is one of them that will be different from now on.....we will never return to "normal" going forward and will have to adjust to what our "new normal" is....

This is how you will see us for the next little bit mask and gloves on.....there is however a bright spot in all of this change......more on that and how we and the farm are managing below. Thank you for taking the time and knowing your farmers. We are very thankful to be farming and to have awesome clients!
Since the out break of Covid-19 we have had a roller coaster of emotions and challenges just like everyone has.....

However living on a farm, we are kinda in our own little world most days.....the reality hit us like a brick wall when on Wednesday March 18th our local farmers market sent out notice that the market was closed until further notice.....kinda scary, and then Friday March 20th, we learned that the restaurants we work with would be closing and or slowing way down.....that meant no more wholesale orders.......kinda scarier....

We will fully admit....a little bit of panic set in on how we would go forward....and how the farm would continue to bring in dollars to pay the farm bills.....

On Thursday evening March 19th, we were picking up salad greens from our neighbor farm, Arkansas Natural Produce. While there we visited with them about what options we all had.....their sales had stopped and they were very concerned also!

We decided to start an online order page for both of our farms products and offer it to all of our clients.....and hope for the are optimistic naturally, but not online marketing computer! 

The next couple of days we spent several hours getting the online store all set up, and on Sunday March 22nd it was up and running....and we sent out an group email and facebook shared the site to our clients and followers....

On Monday March 23rd we came in for lunch and to check the computer for orders....WOW, WOW, WOW....we were overwhelmed at the support from our, old, and even some we haven't seen in a long time.......quiet simply we knew then that things would be alright....
We knew then, our "New Normal" would be manageable. We believed then that by supporting each other we will make it, we are all in this together for the long haul!

Then on Saturday March 28th, Mercedes Mackay with KTHV 11, did a news story about what JV and ANP were doing to keep our clients connected to local food from our respective farms......and we received another outpouring of support, orders, email subscribers, and new is the link to watch the story on you tube:

As we go forward we will remain hopeful that Covid-19 will be overcome over the next few months. We are so thankful for all of the doctors, nurses, and first responders for fighting this virus on the front lines and our local, state, and national leadership for their direction and leadership....even thou we may not like the extra safety steps, wearing mask and gloves, and not being able to see smiles......we have to do these things! 

The farms is doing well, we feel as if we live in the twilight zone because here at  the farm, the days seem normal, and it's not until we make a trip to town to get supplies that the "new normal" reality sets in that this is real and serious.

Last week the Arkansas Department of Health gave us guidance on how we are to handle transactions at the farm and pickups and how important it is to follow the protocols put into place for keeping us all safe. 

We will continue to farm and raise the food we all want.  We are steadily working ground, planting seeds, making trips to the USDA processor, mixing feed, keeping up with orders, delivery products, and harvesting crops along with getting ready for the cows to calve and start milking there anyone ready for raw wont be long!

We will be adding more products each week as the growing season progresses and we are looking for more locally grown products for you also.  Here at JV Farms, we are all about growing and eating good food. 

Ordering form the site is easy, if you want to call in or email your order we welcome that also, just check out the site to see whats available and Val will send you invoice or you can pay when you pick up....Pick ups are easy, we will put your order in you car and you never have to get out if you so choose, and we will front porch deliver if your staying put at home.   
The online store has grown over the past couple of weeks. You will find weekly veggie boxes, salad greens of all sorts, local eggs, local honey, all of JVF meats, and we are adding new items weekly.
The site is updated by 6 pm each Sunday and veggie orders cut off Wednesday at noon time so that everyone knows how much to harvest for pickups and deliveries that weekend.  You can pick up your order at the Milk Barn Store on Friday, Saturday at the Pop-Up 9 am to 11 am, and then on the 1st and 3rd Sundays we have a Pop-Up at 11 am at Target, then we are at Bernice Gardens South main Little Rock 12:30 to 2 pm....

Front Porch delivery is available for a small fee, and is FREE for all orders over $100.  There is more information on the site link below. 
Monthy Meat Share Memberships:
We will start farm share pic ups this weekend for the month of April.....Please Email or Text Valorie when and where your family will pick up or if you want delivery to you front porch.

Benton & Little Rock on Sunday 19th
Hot Springs and Milkbarn 10th/11th, 17th/18th, and 24th/25th

Currently farm share membership is at full capacity... We will be able to add more in can sign up for the list here if you would like to join in June or July.....WE LOVE OUR FARM SHARE MEMBERS!
Jay & Valorie Lee

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