Subject: Happy Valentines Day.......A Farmers Crystal Ball

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Happy Valentines Day!!
Good morning to everyone....It is a dry day so far.....this week we have received 3.5 inches of rain on top of all that the past few weeks have brought and it looks like this years late winter into spring time is setting up like last year with rain and it not ideal garden starting weather.

In February most farms like us are starting the spring planting season.....potatoes, onions, and peas go in the ground first and the typical old timers planting time around here is Valentines Day.

This year, just like last year, due to the weather, means we are going to be a little later planting this year.....we need some dry days to get the gardens ready. If your potato starts, onion sets, and pea seeds go into the ground and stay to wet-cold.....they will not germinate and grow which would require re-planting.....

Val has got the seed starting room up and going and we will be starting broccoli, chard, collards, tomatoes, peppers, and several types of herbs.....and by mid march.....more seeds will go in the ground.......turnips, beets, radish, lettuce, and more spring greens!

February is also the month final plans get made for attending farmers markets, farm membership size, and scheduling USDA processor trips for the year.....the pork, beef, and poultry we grow all get scheduled months in advance to insure a steady supply in the freezer for everyone.

Back when we started the farm.....over ten years ago, processing was not as much of an issue........The reason scheduling requires future planning is that over the past ten years.....our options for a small USDA processing places has went down, the growth of local food farms has grown, and the limited amount of processors mean we have to plan this way.....this is a good thing for all of is challenging.....however...... it means that all of us farmers are getting more and more going....and each of you reading this email have have helped! This is a good problem!

We will be at the Market Saturday in Hot Spings 9 to Noon

Sunday---Bernice Gardens in Little Rock 12:30 to 1:30

Friday---Val will be a the Milk Barn Noon to 5pm

If you would like to pre-order anything send us an email please or call/text Val at 501-732-9093. We deliver too!

We have a really good selection of pork right now and some of the best Ground Beef we have ever raised......

Happy Valentines Day.....Thank you for following along with us and eating local!

We will keep on watching the "Farmers Crystal Ball" to figure out this weather and spring planting here are some pictures from the farm and freezers......

I almost forgot.....RIO.... that is the new pup in the picture, meet her this week at the Markets!

Thank you!
Val and Jay

Jay & Valorie Lee

JV Farms
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