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Fall is here, and Winter is just around the corner......

Getting ready for winter has been the focus with the change in the weather the past couple of days, and its not only for us, the livestock know the seasons are changing is the nature of how things work....

I remember being woke up early on a cold  October Saturday morning by my Grandfather, I knew today was the day.....I would watch for he backed the trailer to the loading chute. We then loaded the 4 butcher hogs he had kept back for us and made the short one mile trip up to the neighbors house. 

At the neighbors, they had a small set up to harvest, scald, and hand scrap the hogs.  After the hog is put into a 145 degree hot water bath and "scalded" long enough for the hair to release and then "Scraped" so the hair comes off,  and then the hog is cut into the primal sections for further processing

We would then load the hams, loins, butts, bellies, head, and anything usable....and take back to the farm. Before ling we were back at the farm starting the days work of putting up the pork. 

I figure half the community was there that morning, those men that harvested that day might have worked 50 to 60 pigs that morning before lunch.....everyone pitched in and helped.

when back at the farm, the  Hams and Bellies were rubbed and put into the wooden salt bins to start the curing process before they get smoked. The loins would be cut for chops, and the rest of the hog would be ground for breakfast sausage.....btw, the seasoning my grandparents used is the same seasoning we use today...... for making sausage  they had one of the meat grinder attachments that went on my grandmothers kitchen aid.....and one that attached to the counter with a hand crank....that is the one I turned..... 

The day was long and tiring, however the freezer was full, the saltbox was full, and there was going to be plenty to eat!

We don't get to do things quiet the same way today as they did back then, however....... we do get to eat like they did!

In two weeks we are loading our trailer....the trip is a little longer to the USDA processor that we use today......its about 60 miles.....

We would like to load a pig for your family and fill your freezer for winter!!

Whole hogs, Half Hogs, and Quarter Hogs are available. 

Click on the button below to see the "JV Farms Pork Cut Sheet"

Prices, Amounts,  and Options are all on the Cut Sheet and feel free to call or stop by the markets to visit more. We custom cut each hog based on your families choices. 

You can also check out the information on our Winter Meat Shares, Tthe farm shares are perfect for busy families who want to eat good and like variety of pork, chicken, and beef cuts each month.

Weekly Schedule thru October
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Saturdays   Hot Springs Farmers Market             7 am to Noon
Sunday      Bernice Gardens Market                   10 am to 2 pm

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