Subject: Beef is Back! JV Farms News

Beef is Back In Stock!
That is right! 

Ground Beef is back in stock now along with a couple of new products....Ground Beef 1/3 pound patties, Beef Bratwurst Links, and Teriyaki Beef Jerky!

Part of being a small farm is having to work with a system that does not really exist anymore, or for a lack of better words, does not really provide easy access to processing for small farms like ours that want to sell directly to the consumer and restaurants......

Over the past 20 years......the availability of USDA Inspected Small Processing Plants, basically mom and pop type of facility, have gone away with the increases in regulations and limited job force that does not really want to do this type of work...... This has lead to the growing problem of less and less small USDA processors throughout the country.....this is not just a Arkansas issue!
This is a real problem that adds time and cost to the products we grow for you our clients......being small we only harvest a few animals at a time.....beef usually is one or two at a time....pork usually 10-15, and chickens are 250-300......small numbers compared to the large farms and processors......

The livestock are transported 2.5 and 3.5 hours one way depending on the processor we are using that trip......then once the meat is ready for pickup, we make the day long trip to pickup the finished products. 

We currently only have three USDA processors in Arkansas to chose from....... these two are the closet for our farm,  and since we market direct sales, these are the only ones we can use.....Cypress Valley in Pottsville, AR and Keys Family Processing in Van Buren, AR.  We love them both and appreciate the work they do so that farms like ours can grow the products we do.

We made the trip safely and look forward to seeing you this week at the Milk Barn, Delivery, or Market! 

Chicken is in great supply, There are several great pork choices and Ground Beef is back Baby!

1/4 Pork Sampler along with 1/2 Pork Custom Packages are available right now for your family.......

We have a limited amount of farm shares available for the winter season......sign up now and get started with your monthly a-la-cart
meat share!

Milkbarn is open Friday----------------------Noon to 4pm
Hot Springs Market Saturday-------------- 9am to Noon
Deliveries Saturday-Hot Springs---------Noon to 2pm

*******Bernice Gardens Sunday November 24th 11am to 12 noon*****

Home and Office Delivery $10, order $150 or more and its Free!

Remember, to insure availability, call, email or text your order to: 501-732-9093.
Jay & Valorie Lee

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