Subject: "Beef is Back"

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"Beef is Back &  
February Freezer Special"
February 8 - 11

Hello Everyone... If you have been patiently waiting for BEEF, it is finally back in stock!! We made the trip to Pottsville yesterday morning to pick up our beef that was cut earlier this week. Thank you for your patience! Now you can pick up those beef roasts (Chuck, Arm, Top and Bottom Round)  everyone has been asking for as well as Stew Meat, Kbob Meat, Tbones, Short Ribs, Sirloin Steaks, liver, Marrow Bones and don't forget the Ground Beef. 

Val will be going thru next week on her way home, to pick up more at the butcher shop! So we need to make room in the freezers. Bonus for everyone wanting to stock up on some good meat!! Also, our March trip is coming up fast.... We have Whole, Half and Quarter Pigs available as well as 1/8 and 1/4 Beef available. You choose your cuts on these. 

Spring is getting close! The chickens are starting to lay, the grass is greening up and the little garden has baby greens in it. We are gearing up for this year's JV Farms Meat Share season.... which you can sign up for NOW....and start picking up in March. Season runs for 6 months from your starting month. Continue as long as you like.  Several plans to choose from to fit your families needs. We are starting our 4th year farm shares. Thank You For Farming With US!

Meat Share Members

Pickups for the Meat Shares ... Fridays at the MilkBarn and Saturdays at the Hot Springs Farmsers market will be 15 & 16 th and 22 and 23rd. Bernice Gardens in Little Rock will be Sunday 17th 11:30 to 12:30. 
If you would like to pick up your share this week....We have Beef and Pork. Chicken will not be available until next weekend. You are more than welcome to do a Beef/Pork or Beef only share this month and pick up today or tomorrow! We have a great selection. 

Febuary Freezer Specials

Sausage Sampler
Pick 5 lbs for $25
Breakfast * Chorizo * Italian * Andoullie 

Spare Rib Special
Whole or Split
$4 lb this week

Big N Meaty Ribs
These ribs have the belly left on!
Thick and delicious!
$5 lb this week

Pork Neck Bones
lots of meat on these guys
$2 lb

50# Box of Ground Beef
$212.50 + tax  $4.25 lb!

20# of Ground Beef
$100 + tax  $5.00 lb

Friday Milk Barn at JV Farms Noon till 5 pm

Saturday Hot Springs Farmers Market  9 am till Noon

Bernice Gardens Sunday Fun Day is Sunday February 17th 11:30 am to 12:30 pm 

Here is what is available this week:

Pre orders are welcome!

$6 dzn -- JV Free Range Eggs

$9 lb -- Pork Chops Thick Cut 2 pack
$6 lb -- Butt Roast ( 2.5 to 3. lbs Each)
$7 lb -- Fresh Belly Slab 2 to 4 lbs. (fun to refrigerator cure)
$8 lb -- Polish  Link  
$8 lb -- Superior Bratwurst 
$8 lb -- Superior Frankfurters 
$8 lb -- German Links      
$7 lb -- Ground Pork-Lean
$8 lb -- Standing Loin Roast (melt in your mouth pork loin!)
$7 lb -- Country Style Ribs
$6 lb -- Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!! $4.00 LB
$7 lb --Big N Meaty Bellie on Spare Ribs !!!!SPECIAL!!!! $5.00 LB
$6 lb -- Breakfast Sausage
$6 lb -- Chorizo Sausage
$6 lb -- Andoullie Sausage
$6 lb -- Italian Sausage
$4 lb -- Neck Bones $2.00 Special

$ 8lb --  Ground Beef
$ 7lb --  Short Ribs
$10lb -- Stew and Kbob Meat (pre cut)
$10lb -- Chuck Roast
$10lb -- Arm Roast
$12lb -- Top and Bottom Round Netted Boneless Roast
$14lb -- Top Sirloin Steaks
$20lb -- TBones (Thick and Big!)
$5lb --  Liver
$ 8lb -- Canoe Marrow Bones
$ 2lb -- Knuckle Bones 

$5 lb -- Chicken Livers.... the best ever
$5 lb -- Chicken Hearts
$3.50 lb -- Chicken Necks, Feet, Backs and Frames
Jay & Valorie Lee

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