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Arkansas State FFA Convention 
This week was the  92nd Annual Arkansas FFA Convention. Over 3000 students and teachers attended this week in Hot Springs at the convention center.  Schools from all across Arkansas attended and learned about opportunities for college, technical schools, a career fields, and industry leaders with over 100 exhibits. 

JA Feed Mill here in Bismarck, where Jay now works, and I get to stay at the farm daily, sponsored a booth at the trade show to display their new horse, goat, pig and performance show feeds they have delveloped this winter from the rations we feed here ouselves at JV Farms, more on that story below.  Jay was there to talk about feed rations with these FFA members and their Agri Instructors. (who are the same people we both  met, and grew up with while we were members of FFA in high school 20 plus years

We visited with them about how our new feed lines for feeding and growing livestock can be done with out dependence upon medications. We talked about using high qualitylocally grown grains, organic minerals, high quality vitamins, sea kelp, yeasts, and balanced pre-biotics can increase the gut health while lowering the stress of the livestock, and most certainly remedy need for medications.. If we are able to increase the good stuff for the animals gut-digestive system, it will perform better, be happier, and healthy. These are all things we have learned ourselves as we have progressed our own diet to loose weight and be healthier. 

We have many great memories being in FFA throughout high school for both Jay and Me. I showed pigs, lambs and cattle, attended Camp Couchdale every year, served as Treasure of my chapter, was on the Crops and Livestock Judging Teams and attended National Convention twice. Jay showed cattle and pigs, served on the Debate and Parliamentary Teams, Livestock Judging Team and served as Vice President of his chapter. We both learned leadership and public speaking skills,  welding and basic shop skills. All these things we use almost daily. 

Great to see these kids and the Arkansas FFA moving forward, we were also impressed to see the numbers of young ladies perusing agriculture educations, the future is bright for Arkansas Ag! WE are Proud of our time with FFA in the past and today with this new chapter in our lives of farming and making feed. 

When you see the Blue ans Gold jackets .... you are seeing much more that a kid in Agriculture Class. These kids have projects, learn trades, give speeches, participle in contests, and donate their time for functions. They will be business owners, teachers, leaders, foresters. veterinarians, nutritionists ,stewards of the land, and of course farmers and ranchers.... which today includes robotics, chemistry, biology and computer software. I remember getting and email and taking Agri Computers in 1995 at the U of A and thinking..... Why am I ever going to need an email address... lol. 

Come see us at the markets! We have a great supply of Pork to use on the grill, and we are always happy to visit about ways to cook and how we do things.

Eat Good to Feel Good, and we are thankful you know your JV farmers!

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