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The Rise Of Nickel

Most of us gold and metal buffs tend to follow the precious metal scene and aside from taking a glance a copper once in a while we seem to ignore what's going on with the base metals. For the past year a lot of analysts have been following cobalt and lithium but at the same time nickel has almost doubled and very few had even noticed. If you have a junior mining stock that has exposure to nickel you may have seen a bit of a bounce or slight increase but all in all the gains in nickel have not reflected it's self in the stocks. Some of the stocks that have seen price gain of course is Alcoa and Excelsior Mining.
Two stocks that have a nickel exposure that I follow are Royal Nickel TSX:V-RNX and of course good old Sherritt TSX-S. Royal Nickels principal assets are the producing Beta Hunt gold and nickel mine in Western Australia, a 50% stake in the nickel joint venture that holds the Dumont Nickel Project in the Abitibi region of Quebec, anda 30% stake in the producing Reed Mine in the Flin Flon-Snow Lake region of Manitoba, Canada.

Another explorer that is focused on nickel is North American Nickel TSX-V: NAN. North American Nickels main project is the Maniitsoq property in Greenland and the Post Creek and Halcyon projects in Ontario.

So why is nickel taking off in price while precious metals are sitting dormant? One of the larger reasons is of course USA and Russia embargoes and sanctions. Norlisk which is the Russia's largest nickel miner is also one of the worlds largest nickel producers and when sanctions went into effect that of course has an effect on availability of the product.

Also last year Indonesia put an export ban on nickel that was produced in the country and added to extra pressure on the supply side. Indonesia wanted to see more nickel being refined and smelted in it's own country instead of being shipped out to other countries.

Last but not least, the new electric cars not only use lithium and cobalt but there is also a lot of nickel that is used in these automobiles. Nickel sulfide deposits are used to make nickel metal as well as nickel sulfate. The latter salt, nickel sulfate, is what's used primarily for electroplating and lithium-ion cathode material, and less than 10% of nickel supply is in sulfate form. As more and more cars become electric there will be more of a demand for nickel especially the nickel sulfate and less than 10% of this nickel is in sulfate form and even less is suitable for batteries.

The way the gold and silver market is going, maybe it's time to look at nickel as a wealth creator.
We've been following Guyana Goldstrike for close to a year now. Right now the company would like to point out to investors some of the milestones the company has made over the past year. Sometimes it seems that when the stock doesn't trade much we assume that nothing is going on. However as you'll see below the company has accomplished a lot in the past 12 months and this is one of the reasons why we follow along and are holding some positions.

As Peter Berdusco, President and CEO stated, "We are proud of our accomplishments to date which include Zijin Fund’s strategic investment of C$3.2 million and the Mazoa Hill zone mineral resource estimate. In addition to Mazoa Hill, the Property also encompasses a second gold zone, Marudi North, which is one kilometre to the north of Mazoa Hill. Now that we are funded and actively engaged in a multi-phase exploration program our primary objective is to expand existing resources and discover additional mineralized zones."

Key Highlights

The Company has accomplished the following milestones:

* Produced a mineral resource estimate report on the Mazoa Hill zone containing 259,100 indicated gold ounces within 4,428,000 tonnes grading 1.8 grams/tonne (g/t) and 86,200 inferred gold ounces within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.60 grams/tonne (g/t)
* Completed a C$3.2 million strategic investment with Zijin Global Fund and Zijin Midas Exploration Fund LLC
* Completed 3D interactive models of the legacy drill data from the Mazoa Hill and Marudi North zones that can be viewed on the Company’s website
* Received gold royalty payments from local alluvial mining activities
* Commenced phase one of a multi-phase exploration program

Multi-phase Exploration

• Currently underway with the objective of delineating additional ounces through exploration of the current mineralized zones and exploring the additional 95% of the Property which is largely unexplored
• Expand on the mineralized areas at the Mazoa Hill and Marudi North zones
• Continue with extensive trenching and sampling throughout the Property
• Complete an airborne geophysical survey of the entire Property
• Generate drill targets for the planned phase one diamond drill program

Property Geology

Gold mineralization at Marudi is regarded as being related to iron-formation-hosted gold ("IFG") deposits that occur in other cratonic greenstone belts around the world. These deposits can be large and long in mine life. They have a strong association between gold and iron sulfide minerals, the presence of gold bearing quartz veins and structures, the occurrence of deposits in structurally complex terranes, and the absence of lead and zinc enrichment.

Examples of some existing IFG deposits are the Homestake Mine, Lupin Mine, and Musselwhite Mine. 

The Homestake Mine is located in South Dakota USA and was the largest and deepest gold mine in North America. It has reported production of 43.9 million ounces of gold and was in production from 1878-2001.

The Lupin Mine located in Nunavut, Canada, no longer in production, produced approximately 3 million ounces of gold.

The Mussellwhite Mine has estimated reserves of 2.29 million ounces of gold  and is owned and operated by Goldcorp and will be in production until 2020.

To find out more about this unique gold explorer CLICK HERE

Here's an opportunity to lease some prime ground in the Klondike by purchasing the the equipment that is already in place. Good selection of equipment on site ready to go.

33% JV Partner $100,000 USD over 2 years
FOR SALE NOW - $280,000 USD

234 hectares along the Kangaroo Creek in an area with historical gold production. The claims cover 3 km on both sides of the creek.

Here is a couple trommels, a few pumps, and an excavator for sale.

Here is some equipment from a retiring miner in Atlin. Good clean low hour JD loader and Cat ready to go. Check out this 2015 Godwin 10x10 pump with only 900 hrs.
US Dollar Rallies And Gold Sinks

Just when you think the gold is going to make a run for it, either the green back rallies, or the stock market rallies or a combination of both. Either way it looks like things are well orchestrated to keep the precious metals from gaining any kind of momentum.  However, there are still those who are saying that this year is the year for gold to break out and continue on with a multi year rally. There's nothing like a bunch of over valued big blue chip stocks finding their rightful value in a bear market for the precious metals to put on the shine.

Mine is located in a veritable hotbed for Gold recovery with the West Port mine, less than 1 air mile from the property being sold at $8.5 Million. This is a nearly turn-key property that will need some clearing and shoring in the stopes but otherwise, work on sampling and development both above and below ground could begin immediately.

Interesting placer ground here for sale. From the info provided, average thickness of the pay gravels in the five large pits dug in 2014 to depths between four and seven meters (13 and 24 feet) was between three and five meters (9 and 16 feet), with different data sets displaying gold grades varying between trace and nearly 200 grams per tonne.

286 miles east of Reno and 269 miles west of Salt Lake City. Located just west of Barrick Gold Corporations massive Goldstrike Mine.
It was in 1893 that three prospectors named Leonard Benton, John Fowler and another man named Rhodes were out prospecting for gold. They found some rich ground along a creek running through a gulch that later became known as the Harrison Gulch Creek. The three prospectors didn't have the resources to mine the ground so they ended up selling it to the Hurst Brothers who gave the mine the name of King Midas shortened to Midas Mine because the gold there was so rich.

Then in 1898 a fellow by the name of J.W. Roberts .... [continue]

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