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Guyana Goldstrike. 

For those of you who follow my newsletters, many of you will remember last month's letter when I talked about Guyana Goldstrike and the property they own down in Guyana.

Just to do a quick refresh here, the company owns the Marudi Gold Project. This project is located in Guyana South America and has had an extensive history of development and exploration completed by various past operators and explorers. Over $30MM USD has been invested along with over 40,000 metres of diamond drilling completed to date. 

I also mentioned that there is a reported 880,000 ounces of gold contained in the hard rock bedrock and I also mentioned that an engineering company called MineIt was retained to help assist the company in compiling all the geological data that contained that 40,000 meters of drilling to start modeling that data so the company will be able to define a comprehensive exploration program for these sites, focusing on drill target definition and mineralization expansion.

Also I mentioned that Industry valuations at a conservative $40 / ounce gold in the ground, for 880,000 ounces, would give Guyana Goldstrike a Market Capitalization of $35 Million dollars or $1.17 / share. Right now shares are selling for less than 20 cents.
Now for the news update. As far as the modeling goes the company is expecting to get some results from MineIt shortly. Hopefully within the next few weeks. But last week Friday the company surprised shareholders when they put out news stating that they had appointed Dr. Yingting (Tony) Guo, P. Geo as an Advisor to the Board of Directors.

Dr. Guo has over 30 years experience in the mining industries having worked on mineral exploration and development projects/mines in China, Mongolia, Africa, US and Canada. He is also the founder and Chairman of the Association of Chinese Canadian Mining Professionals in Canada. This association is a technical and investment networking group for Chinese professionals in the mining industry in Canada and he is also a member of the technical committee of the Zijin Midas Exploration Fund, a strategic investment fund that invests in junior mining companies. The fund's mandate is to invest strategically, and on a global basis, with a focus on exploration projects demonstrating potential for a large discovery.

Now, Dr. Guo is going to be working with chief geologist Locke Goldsmith who is the main geologist for Guyana Goldstrike and the two of them are going to be planning out the various phases of upcoming drill programs down in Guyana.

Now what's really interesting is how this timing all comes into play because on September 23-25 the CEO, Peter Berdusco is going to be representing the company in China at the China Mining Conference in Bejing. This conference is where it all happens. Big money meeting small juniors. It's like one huge investment conference that is related to mining investments and now having Dr. Guo on the board and also attending the same conference, you know that this gold play just got a whole lot more interesting.

Remember, Guyana Goldstrike has only 29 million shares O/S and if things get rolling it won't be 20 cents for long. I'll keep you all posted to any additional news. You can also head over to the company website and read up additional information.
It was thirty years ago that stock promoter and financier Murray Pezim along with junior gold companies Calpine & Prime Resources struck it big with "Hole 109." This one drill hole turned out an impressive 682-ft. interval grading an average of 0.87 oz. gold, 0.97 oz. silver, 1.12% lead and 2.26% zinc, which in turn created a stock market trading frenzy.

The area they were drilling in was known as the Golden Triangle and the mine that later developed here became known as Eskay Creek. Eskay would go on to become Canada’s highest-grade gold mine and the world’s fifth-largest silver producer, with production well in excess of three million ounces of gold and 160 million ounces of silver.
Fast forward to today and this same area is once again a junior gold hot spot with dozen of companies scrambling to get access to a piece of the action. This summer has seen some stocks make absolute insane gains in very short periods of time. I've been keeping a close watch on several plays and have come to the conclusion that this is not going to be several separate plays, but it will eventually become one huge area play.

Also over the summer I've been keeping an eye on the 4 of the most active players in this region. Some of these plays have already made investors a ton of cash and as long as good results keep coming in along with the higher gold price, there is going to be a lot of happy rich investors out there.

There are quite a few different juniors drilling this summer in the area but in this article we will only focus on the 3 main juniors that are putting out the most news. There is also a fourth junior I added because of some historic drilling on the claim that is very impressive. Anyhow the first one is .... continue
See the price of gold lately? It's getting up there. Some analysts are predicting $1400 all the way up to $1600 or more by the end of the year. If you think that buying and owning gold is prudent but are having a hard time trying to justify the cost, maybe take a look at just buying a mining claim. I've seen good mining claims sell for around $10,000. That's only about 7-8 ounce of gold and a lot of these claims will hold hundreds of available ounces. You just have to put some sweat equity into them. It's like the homesteaders of yesteryear did.

Take a look below at what's being offered for sale. There is tons of listings on the website too with prices from a few thousand to millions. There is something for everyone. By the way, there has been on average at least 1 mine a week selling this summer so that should be a good indicator of how the market is. If you have claims you want to sell we can list them for you.
Here's A Rare Find

The Blue Gem Mine has also been known as the Easter Blue Mine. The mine is located in the heart of the Royston Mining District which is known for its production of highly valued turquoise.  

The Blue Gem Mine, aka the Easter Blue Mine, has been worked primarily for the valuable deep blue colors of turquoise. This grade of turquoise has been delivered to Tiffany and other fine gem retailers.
Gold Mine In Oatman Arizona

Hey remember when I said you can buy a gold mine for $10,000? Here's a gold mine for only $4,000. That's only 3 ounces of gold and you've got a paid for mine. 

The Gold Range mines have been worked for native gold which is found in veins and larger deposits, creating what is known as the “nugget effect”. The claim consists of a series of adits and shafts running along a general trend up the hillside. The main shaft is the largest of the workings and estimated at 100-150'. Take a look.
Several Mining Claims Just Outside The Triangle

We've been talking in this newsletter about the Golden Triangle. Well there is gold beyond the boundaries of this triangle. In fact around Dease Lake and Jade City, mining has been going on for over 100 years.

Here is a listing that a has few mining clams that might interest you. These are good value claims.
Nexus Gold Corp. Acquires More Property

For all of you who have been following along over the past year know that Nexus has been doing a great job drilling up some pretty good grades over in Burkina Faso on the ground that Roxgold had at one time. Anyhow in the last news release, the company issued news last month, they stated that they had acquired the rights to earn up to 100-per-cent interest in the 250-square-kilometre Rakounga  gold property. This property borders Bouboulou on the west and south sides and hosts the Bouboulou 1 gold showing, which is the southern extension of the Bouboulou 2 trend. this acquisition represents a 700-per-cent increase in size to the Bouboulou concession area. In total now with all three properties there is about 460 sq. km of property.

During this drilling campaign Nexus Gold subsequently identified three distinct 5,000 m (five km) long anomalous gold trends at the Bouboulou concession. Each of the three trends displays strong coincidental geochemical and geophysical gold anomalies, and extend from the four previously drill-identified mineralized zone.
A total of 2,596 metres of diamond drilling was completed at the Bouboulou concession in mid July. Phase 1 drilling tested the Koala, Rawema and Bouboulou 2 zones, to depths of approximately 150 to 175 metres. Assays are currently pending and results will be released once received, reviewed and verified.

In addition, the company is also awaiting results of approximately 2,000 metres of diamond drilling from the Niangouela concession, completed in mid-May. After lab delays, the company also anticipates receiving these results shortly and will release them once received, reviewed and verified.

The company plans on resuming exploration activity at its Burkina Faso projects in the fall.

80 acre Lode Claim With Mine

Here's a project mine if I ever saw one. 

This mine averaged $47.11 per ton in 1912, that figure, using 2017 values would be roughly $1130.00 per ton in gold and silver values with lead disregarded. Assays were performed at various points within the mines and the historical documentation.

The Sylvania Mine Property covers the Bullion, 4 Aces and Sylvania Mines. There is a total of 80 acres of which encompass all of the workings pertinent to the mining activity. The claims also cover all old mining outbuildings, workshops and miners quarters.
The Mine And Town Of Anyox BC

In keeping with the Golden Triangle theme, todays old lost mine story is about a mine and town from around the same area. Story compliments of Lost Mines

It was in the late 1800s that three prospectors W. Collison, A. Flewin and D. Robinson prospected and set up camp on what would become Granby Bay. Reports of an "El dorado mountain of gold" told by local natives turned out to be huge a copper deposit. The deposit was located in Observatory Inlet on the west coast of British Columbia. Observatory Inlet is about 35 miles south and west of Stewart, BC and about 30 or so miles north of Prince Rupert along the Canada USA border.

Not long after this desposit was found a mine went in along with a smelter owned by the Granby Consolidated Mining Company Ltd. It wasn't long before a town was built to house the workers and their families. The town became known as ... continue

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FYI. Newest, cheapest entrant into the Golden Triangle.
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