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Welcome to the December Junior Miners Newsletter

With only a couple of weeks left in 2017, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you, my many subscribers and readers of the website. A special thank you to all the sponsors and advertisers who have come to use the site for their marketing purposes with a special thanks to TSX Penny Stocks for their support.

The classified section of the website saw a lot of mine listings this year from various vendors including Gold Rush Expeditions, and I thank them for their  support and patronage. At this time I wish each and everyone the best of the season and the very best of the new year ahead. May 2018 be a golden year for all of us.

This year has not been super great for gold or silver prices, however, nickel, copper and zinc have done moderately well. Most junior mining companies are sitting on yearly lows. These low prices do offer some great buys if the company in question has good projects and cash on hand because even though analysts stated that 2017 was going to be a turn around year and it hasn't, these companies need a lot of cash to continue. Make sure you do your due diligence before making a purchase.

At the time of this writing, gold prices are actually up $100 an ounce from the beginning of the year, even though it sure doesn't feel like it. Silver on the other hand has seen no gains whatsoever.
One of the more sought after commodities this year in mining though was lithium. Lithium stocks have performed extremely well with some companies seeing stock prices sky rocket over 500+%. During the summer months anything lithium was hot, as people started to actually see just how high the price of lithium actually was. I don't really know much about lithium so I decided to do a little bit of research and wanted to try to maybe find an undervalued lithium stock. Of course, like any kind of exploration plays, there will be winners and a whole lot who come out empty handed. I wrote up some of my findings here.
Of course lithium wasn`t the only commodity to hit record highs this year. One of the platinum-group metals did also, that being palladium where the price this past week topped out at $1033 USD per ounce. Historically, palladium reached an all time high of $1090 USD in January of 2001, and a record low of $78.25 USD in August of 1991. This is a first as platinum is usually much higher priced than palladium.  
Blockchain & Crypto Currencies

There has been a lot of talk about block chain and crypto currencies lately. In fact some of the junior mining companies that are sitting on cash, but without projects are looking at reinventing themselves to get involved in the this new technology. Last year I was writing a small section like this about the junior miners that were going to pot and other marijuanna activities.

Axe Exploration TSX-V: AXQ a small junior with properties in Quebec, is reviewing some block chain opportunities and saw stock prices double last week.

Canada One Mining TSX-V: CONE issued news last week stating the company had signed an LOI with a company at the forefront of blockchain-based transaction verification, commonly known as cryptocurrency mining, with a view to evaluating its existing assets and operations. News sent the stock up over 300% and more news is expected very soon on this matter, so keep an eye out on this one.
Pistol Bay TSX-V: PST just announced this past week that is was creating a block chain for miners.

Canamex Gold TSX-V: CSQ signed an addendum with Harmonychain. The company now has secured the exclusive rights to a total of six Ethereum block chain smart contract token domain names, and ticker codes.

Goldcliff Resource TSX-V: GCN is presently in advanced negotiations with a block chain advisory service provider to construct the DirectRoyalty platform on block chain protocol. However nothing is final.

One of the companies that we follow here on junior miners, Guyana Goldstrike TSX-V: GYA is also looking into the crypto market as a way of raising funds for the development of the their Marudi project in Guyana. You can read up on the latest news release from Guyana Goldstrike here or by clicking the banner below.

Raising money for mine development is not an easy go with metal prices the way they are and it seems that a lot of investment dollars are going into either cannabis or block and crypto ventures. How long this will last is anyones guess with the likes of Bitcoin going from $1000 to almost $20,000 since this beginning of the year. Hopefully, if and when the Bitcoin bubble bursts, some of that money comes back into the junior mining sector.

All new claims that are listed on the website are posted on the facebook page. If you have facebook and want to keep up to date with any new listings just click the follow me icon on the left. Also we will be posting new issues and trending mining stock plays that may be of interest.
Make this Christmas a Golden Christmas.

In less than a week it will be Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy, being with family and the giving of gifts.
The giving of gifts originated over 2000 years ago when the three wise men came to Bethlehem and offered Jesus gifts of frankincense, myrrh and Gold. For thousands of years Gold has stood the test of time. It is a gift that has held great value for generations. Gold never looses its luster or value. Gold will always be Gold.

This Christmas give yourself and your loved ones the gift that will give for generations. You can buy gold or silver bullion or better yet, buy yourself your very own gold mine. Yes, you still can own and mine your gold and junior miners has many gold mines and claims for sale. Mining properties all over the world, priced from a few thousand dollars all the way into the millions. There is something for everyone no matter where you live.

40 Acre Lode Claim Colorado

This mine is an example of Colorado’s forgotten or hidden natural resources. Gold and Silver in substantial quantities have been reported as late as 1981 with stopes yielding 2.3 ounces per ton of gold in 1932. Gold and Silver in substantial quantities have been reported as late as 1981.

The Independence Mine Claim covers multiple mines and prospects on 40-acre Lode Mining Claim. Colorado Mine IDs are CMC289886 and CMC289887.
80 Acre Lode Claim Nevada

The Tuscarora Mineral Claims consists of a contiguous grouping of four (4), twenty (20) acre Lode Mining Claims. A total of eighty (80) acres covering the primary historical gold deposits located on public land in the Tuscarora District.

Claims are well documented for gold and silver production near the turn of the 21stCentury. Gold and silver were recovered in various quantities; much recovery was dependent on the location of the mines. Current Assay information will be provided as it becomes available from assay lab reports.

Prior to 1905, the mines that are a part of the Tuscarora claims block produced over $3,382,000.00 in gold and silver values with Gold priced at $20.67 per ounce and Silver priced at $0.65 per ounce.

Gold miner near Carmacks, Yukon has mining property that has 2 ancient river channels with several layers of pay. Fully secured collateral. Source of the gold with an estimated value of 23,000 ounces on this channel. Interested parties visit this LINK

Just last week Mammoth announced they had commenced their diamond drilling project a the Tenoriba Gold-Silver Project, Chihuahua, Mexico . The company also completed a private placement and raised $720,000 to be used for the drilling. This project is going to be about 3000 meters of drilling.

One of areas (Los Carneritos) within this 15 square KM area, measuring 1.5 x 0.7 km saw 74% of 146 rock chip samples collected (115 samples) produced potentially economical grades of gold with silver and averaged 1.56 grams per tonne gold. The highest grade surface sample collected was a 1 x 1 metre sample assaying 74 grams per tonne gold and there are more than 20 samples with grades above 10 g/t gold. Los Carneritos alone given its size could have the potential to host over 1.0 million ounces of gold.

 8 Yukon Gold Claims on 6 below pup fully permitted and ready to be mined in 2018. We already stripped 800 feet of top coverage left to thaw in preparation of the first mining cut.

4 drill holes made to test for the presence of gold, 2 holes returned colors. Uneven Bedrock found between 30 and 45 feet. See More
I have only been to Arizona once, but this winter I hope to go there again and spend some time around Quartzite at the rock and gem show. 
Arizona has a past that is famous for stories about the old west, gold prospectors, cowboys and of course old lost mines.  Todays story is about the famous Tom Reed Mine.

It was back in 1863 that gold was first discovered in an area called the Black Hills of Arizona. Back then it was still unsettled wild country and Indians still wandered about. This made a lot of folks nervous about going out and exploring the area. Short time later Fort Mojave was built and this gave settlers and prospectors some comfort in going about the area. Then in 1900 prospector Ben Taddock was in the area and discovered a new vein of gold ore.

Ben sold his new discovery claim to a judge whom later sold it to the Vivian Mining Company. Over the next few years the mine produced over $3 million worth of gold. Once word got out more miners and prospectors ... CONTINUE
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