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One of the hottest plays this year in junior mining is going to be seen in the Golden Triangle area of northern British Columbia. Due to harsh winters and lots of snowfall, the only time you can actually do any kind of field work is from about June onward and work until the end of October when winter sets in again. So in reality any miners hoping to get anything done have only about four months to do their work.

Last year there was some phenomenal results that were drilled and a few of the main players saw their stock prices explode. Garibaldi Resources TSX-V:GGI saw it's stock price go from 12 cents to over 5 dollars. Metallis Resources TSX-V: MTS shares went from 15 cents to almost 3 dollars and GT Gold TSX-V: GTT shares shot up from 30 cents to almost 3 dollars. There were also several small players whose shares were under a nickel and and did easy doubles or triples just on news that they were going to be involved in one way or another in the triangle.

After impressive grade results started to flow into the market place, this started to create a rush and before long there all the available properties were optioned out, bought out or joint ventured. This is quite typical on any kind of rush and the next thing you know is there are dozen of companies out trying to raise a few dollars to start some kind of field prospecting. Some of the early birds with actual results get attention from resource funds and find themselves well financed for the next round of drilling. This is what happened last year after .... [continue]
Guyana Goldstrike. TSX-V: GYA 
Recommendation - BUY - - Target Price - $0.45 
New Deposit In Guyana Is Gaining Validation
Guyana Goldstrike is a Vancouver based mining company with their flagship project in advanced exploration stage in Guyana, South America.

The project is 13,500 acres in size, with a mineral resource estimate and permitted mining license, and remains 95% unexplored. A new price target of C$ 0.45 per share for GYA is based on the enterprise value per ounce of M&I resources of comparable companies.

The company has embarked on a massive trenching program and news last week showed some impressive results of  2 meters of 7.446 g/t au.
A total of 166.4 metres of surface trenching were completed at Paunch in 12 trenches; 95 sample intervals with 166 horizontal chip channel samples were analyzed (including separated undersized and oversized samples); and five duplicates were taken at intervals of between one and three metres at the bottom of the trench walls to depths of one and three metres.

On May 30th the company issued news with results of additional trenching. Trenches A and L with peak gold values of 7.45 and 5.98 g/t Au over 2.0 m horizontal lengths respectively are located farther south and closer to the ridge top than a peak gold value in trench B of 1.86 g/t Au across 2.0 m horizontal. Gold dispersion down slope is suggested.

Trenching will continue along with sampling to predetermine drill targets for the proposed drilling program that will take place once targets are defined.

Guyana Goldstrike is well financed. In February of this year Zijin Mining invested 3.5 million dollars into the company for exploratory expenses. It's quite obvious that the second largest mining company in China must see some value in the company and the property that they are working on.
The company has 53 million shares out and is trading in the 30 cent range. To view the most recent updated report on Guyana Goldstrike, CLICK HERE

Block of 18 placer claims on Summit Creek in Livingstone Placer District, Yukon. Test pitting shows gold occurrence, geophysical surveys show bedrock at 10-25' depth. Airstrip adjacent to property. Virgin ground. Good water supply.

Site 1: Fourteen (14) Claims with 6 Creek Claims and 8 Bench Claims
Price includes Water Licences and Permits in place to 2021. On going placer operation. Ready to Go.

2,240 contiguous acres AZ gold and precious metals BLM placer claims, (3.5 sq. mi.), Pinal Co, Arizona. Development ready, geologist feels permits could be had in less than one year.

320 acre property is privately deeded land which can initially enable the placer mining of gold. The property is approximately 1/2 mile wide and 1 mile long with Lynn Creek running through the middle. There property has both mineral and water rights.

This is another Gold Rush Expedition mine that is for sale. The Lodi Mine may have also been known as the H&H or H&M Mine in the recent past (1960 and later). There is very limited information on the past production or development of the property. Surveyor assessments from onsite survey are relied on for the majority of this information.

Turn key placer mining operation on Stowe Creek in Yukon for lease with purchase of equipment. Good selection of equipment and camp in place. Ready to go operation.

Seller has retired and just reduced the asking price to $475,000. This reduction is due to the Little Spruce lease and Bonanza Creek being sold. There is still one lease on Apple Creek along with a full line of equipment for sale. You owe it to yourself to check out this equipment that is already in the north. Equipment is not being used this season but is ready to go.
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