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Has The Stock Market Peaked?

Quite a few market analysts and stock gurus state that the market has topped out and could be ready for a crash any day. Thursday the Dow fell over 700 points. Thursday evening the Nikkei  fell over 900 points. Lots of others however state that we got a few more good years of a so called Trump rally. Both sides have compelling reasons for a continuation and a crash so it is hard to know what's going happen. Actually to be truthful, in my opinion, no one really has a clue though. One thing I do feel confident of is that when and if there is a crash, it should be good for gold, silver and the mining stocks. Gold prices still get smacked down but unlike a few years ago where it would take weeks to get gain back the losses, the yellow metal rebounds pretty quick these days.
Lots of interesting things coming up here in the next little while that could have a huge effect on both the markets and the metals. Starting Monday March 26, the Chinese government is going to start trading oil in Yuan and will be bypassing the so called petro dollar which is the US dollar. With gold always seeming to be tied to the dollar who knows whats going to happen. Also with the US administration seemingly eager to start trade wars, this in itself could have some very detrimental effects on the stock market in general.

Also starting next month, India is setting up to open a physical gold exchange. Unlike the COMEX or LBMA, this exchange will only allow trading of physical gold and NOT paper. It is said that the COMEX has 224 ounces of paper trading for every 1 ounce of physical. That's the reason why we see price suppression so much. China already has a physical exchange in Bejing that opened a year or so ago. I thought that when that opened we would see a more stable gold pricing but so far that hasn't been the case.

Another factor that comes into play here is the bond market. There is getting to be a lot chatter on various sites about how the bond market could implode at any time due to rising interest rates. The bond market is one of the largest markets in the world with trillions of dollars rolling around in it everyday.

Other big factors that could very well have a factor on the metals is Russia, North Korea, Syria along with a host of other issues. Even the US itself seems to be on the edge of a civil war with right vs left, pro gun, anti gun etc.

Last but not least is the debt market itself whether it be mortgage debt, student loan debt, auto loans or credit cards, the entire world is soaking in debt and a lot of this debt will never ever get repaid. I was reading an article that not long ago that stated that a home sold today will never be paid off. The first owner who buys the home may end up selling the home before it is paid off and so the next owner will mortgage the same home and so on.

So where is the best safe investment? Aside from physical ownership of gold or silver, I truly like the idea of owning mining property. That's one of the main reasons why I offer a classified section on the website for individuals to buy and sell mining properties. A lot of people are starting to realize the value in owning mineral properties as I see an average of one mining property a week sell just from this website alone. 

In the stock market right now, most gold and silver stocks are at 52 week lows and are primed for a good run. The only mining stocks that have shown any gains have been cobalt and some zinc stocks. In the meantime everyone seems to be turned off of the miners.

If your into the mining stocks that could be a good play/investment. With spring here in Canada that means summer drilling programs will be underway shortly. Lots of eyes will be watching the golden triangle plays again this summer. Most notable juniors are:
GT Gold TSX-V: GTT, 
Metallis Resources TSX-V: MTS
Garibaldi Resources TSX-V: GGI

These three stocks last year had 500% gains on drill results and this year is looking just a good. GT Gold just closed a 6.5 million private placement at an amended price of 72 cents. This brings the company a total of 9.5 million bucks for a summer drilling program. 

It's hard to be a gold bug or grass roots mining stock buff and not have an interest in buried treasures or lost gold mines. I think that is what makes prospecting exciting. In a lot of cases it's not the treasure that you hope find but all the excitement that goes into the actual searching for the treasure. I tend to think that with the true prospector it's more the adventure than it is the reward. The reward at the end if found, will just be used to help to fund the next lost treaure search.
I'm always searching out small mining plays that could end up having the potential of a worthy deposit and once in awhile you stumble onto some companies that are doing some extra ordinary things. Take Aurania Resources Ltd TSX-ARU for instance. Here is a company that is what could be called the true prospecting explorer. This company is actually looking for ancient lost cities of gold in Ecuador. The Lost Cities Project or known as the Cutucu Project, is located in ...... [ Continue ]

If you are placer mining anywhere in northern BC or Yukon or Alaska and need some placer equipment, here is some good looking equipment that came up for sale in Atlin. The vendor is retiring and has some pretty nice gear here where you can save a bundle on shipping from down south. The JD loader shown below is a supper nice machine. I've seen it myself.

A couple of new 10" x 10" water pumps just got listed this past week. At 5000 gallons per minute these units will be able to keep up to any wash plant you might have. 

If you are bullish on silver you might just want to take a look at this property.  The Elkhorn Silver Mine is one of the largest silver mines in Montana. 140 acres comprised of seven lode claims. Over $1 billion in reserves - both proven and probable. The seller is motivated.
Guyana Goldstrike has secured 3.2 million dollars from the Zijin Mining Group. The Zijun Group is the second largest mining company in China listed on the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock exchanges with a current market capitalization of $18-billion. Proceeds from this funding will go towards drilling and exploration of the Marudi Gold project in Guyana.

Here's a sweet deal. For less money than a tear down house in Vancouver you can own a house with property, plus a complete placer mining show and it's only about a 6 hour drive from Vancouver. Everything you need is here. Your first day of digging and you'll have gold in your pocket.

Anyone who follows the junior mining sector is well aware of all the activity in the golden triangle are of BC. Pretty much all the land is staked up after some of the big discoveries last year.
Here is a few rare placer claims just north of that area that might be well worth taking a closer look.

18 claims covering the entire creek, all virgin ground. Recent work on the property has confirmed good values.

8 Yukon Gold Claims on 6 Below Pup fully permitted and ready to be mined in 2018. 800 feet of top coverage already stripped and left to thaw in preparation of the first mining cut. 

If you are looking to maybe test out some property this season or have some ground to work and don't want to invest a bunch of money in rigging, there is a fellow here that has some placer equipment to rent. 

The Empire Mineral Property is a grouping of three (3), twenty(20) acre mining claims. These claims Covering a contiguous 60 acres and all of the mines, prospects and workings of the Historic Empire Gold Mine in the Black Hills Mining District of Pennington, South Dakota. The claims cover the Forrest City Mine, the Golden Slipper and the Empire Mines.
In keeping with the theme of the Lost Cities, todays lost mine story is about the real El Dorado of South America. Some say the El Dorado is in Columbia while others maintain it is is Ecuador.

Long before the white mans arrival, South America was inhabited by only local Muisca Indians. These people lived in the Andeas Mountains and were what is part of the old Inca people today. They had their own customs and ways of life. They also had gold and it is said that they had lots of gold. However, to these people gold was not something to be hoarded as money or wealth. To them was revered in a much different way. To these people gold was a sacred metal. To these ancient people, gold was a symbol of fertility and life. However, to the European man, gold meant something far more. To the white man, gold was money. Gold was wealth.

One of the old rituals of the people who live way back then was a shaman would cover himself in gold and then float out onto the lake with a raft and sprinkle gold and emeralds into .... [ Continue ]
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