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Welcome to the January Junior Miners Newsletter

Well so far this year, the metals are looking great especially for all us gold bugs out there. Even the base metal commodities are doing great.  But while everyone is watching the precious and base metals, cobalt has been on a real tear and has doubled in price in the the past year alone.
As the demand for new electric cars grows so will the demand for cobalt. A lot of people think that lithium is the main ingredient in lithium batteries, but the bulk of the material used in those batteries is cobalt and cobalt miners are seeing their stock prices hitting new highs almost daily and so are most lithium stocks. I get emails the odd time asking about lithium but sorry to say I know very little except from what I have read. However I did some investigating into the subject and did compile an article and if you missed reading it from last months newsletter, you can still have quick look HERE.

Most cobalt come from the DRC - Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact the African nation is responsible for about two thirds of global cobalt production. The Democratic Republic of Congo may soon more than double the tax mining companies operating in the country pay on exports of cobalt and this is causing concern for end users of cobalt. Cobalt is now being sought after around the world and right here in Canada exploration is going strong in none other than, Cobalt Ontario. That town is seeing a mining and exploration boom. Lots of juniors with cash are getting into the game to find another global source of cobalt. In fact just this past week I just noticed a news release stating the Cruz Cobalt TSX-V: CUZ has a cobalt project in BC. In the latest press release they stated that airborne data gathered from  the properties show strong magnetic features within these cobalt prospects.

Speaking of lithium though, junior miner Equitorial Exploration Corp TSX-V: EXX is looking at a drill project up by the old Cantung mine area this coming summer. This could be a huge boon for the NWT and the Yukon if anything becomes of it. 

Palladium. It just keeps going up. Back in 2006 my wife bought a 1 ounce palladium coin. I think it was right around $350 CDN. Today that coin is selling for around $1500 CDN. Almost the same price as gold. Had we known back then that ten years later the price would have been up five fold, we would have maybe bought a few more.
Out of all the commodities though, some of the most bullish claims for this year is silver. Silver is one of the world's smallest markets and is the most depressed or suppressed, depending on what you think or who you believe and there seems to be lots of analysts and metal gurus out there who believe that silver will bust loose this year and hit old time highs. It's a theory I tend to believe myself for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that silver and gold have been known throughout history to be "precious metals". While gold is mainly used as a hedge or currency insurance, silver is used more and more as an industrial metal. Gold is taken out the ground, made pure and poured into bars and then put back into the ground. Not very much gets actually consumed other than jewelry and the small bits that go into the technology used in devices and smart phones, etc. Although a considerable amount of gold is used, it's not anywheres near how much silver is being used. 

Silver's role is not only a precious metal, but more and more it is being used for industrial purposes and is being literally consumed more than ever today. From medical applications to solar panels to high tech devices and the aerospace industry, silver is being consumed like never before and with silver prices depressed for so long many marginal silver mines closed because they could not turn a decent profit. Lots of people thought silver demand would diminish when the digital cameras came out because old cameras that used film used a lot of silver in the photo production of that film. Even though a lot of that silver was recycled they always used silver out of freshly mined stockpiles. For these reasons I am bullish on silver this year, both with silver miners and the metal itself.

Zinc has also seen a rally of sorts in it's price especially since mid summer. Demand in Asia is pushing up the price of zinc and that should bode well for miners who have zinc concentrates. Large zinc based projects will start to get a second look if prices stay firm. Also because many metal analysts are bullish on zinc, stocks like Fireweed Zinc TSX-V: FWZ are at all time highs.
Looking at a few mining stocks that fit the above criteria for both silver and zinc is, Klondike Silver TSX-V: KS which has a silver and zinc project in BC and is looking poised to get off those historic lows. This project is located in the Slocan Mining Camp. I did a short write up on Klondike Silver HERE, and for the record I do at present own the stock. For more of the pure silver explorers, I have a short list HEREthat may be of interest to some to get started with doing due diligence on.
For those interested in silver plus cobalt, Castle Silver TSX-V: CSR has a silver and cobalt project in Ontario and is seeing it's stock price right at 52 week highs. Other cobalt juniors are Cobalt Power TSX-V: CPO, First Cobalt TSX-V: FCC

Nickel Creek Platinum TSX-V: NCP is a platinum explorer that has a project with cobalt also. The Nickel Shäw project located in the Yukon has about 2 billion pounds of nickel, 1 billion pounds of copper, 6 million ounces of platinum group metals ("PGM's") and 120 million pounds of cobalt in the measured and indicated categories.

If you're thinking about palladium, New Age Metals TSX-V: NAM  has the River Valley PGM Project, located in the Sudbury region of Ontario. The company also has five Lithium Projects, of which three are drill ready.  
For those who have been following along with our newsletter, you're already familiar with one of the juniors that we feature. Guyana Goldstrike has the Marudi Gold project in Guyana South America.

The Guyana Goldstrike Marudi Mountain Project is an advanced exploration and development project with a permitted mining license. The property lies within the Guiana Shield which currently holds over 100 million ounces of gold. Over 30 million dollars has been spent on exploration which includes over 42,000 meters of diamond drilling by the present and past operators of this property.
Although the Marudi Mountain property contains a historic non compliant resource of 880,000 ounce of gold the company decided to have these reserves verified and had the company, MineIt, do a modeling of these deposits and hired Global Mineral Resource Services for resource verification. Now the company has a compliant resource for one of the deposits. There are two area of high interest, the Mazoa Hill and Marudi North and it is the Mazoa Hill deposit that the company now has a NI 43-101 report for. Using 1/2 gram cutoff there is an indicated resource of 269,700 oz gold within 4,428,000 tonnes grading 1.8 grams/tonne (g/t), and an inferred resource of 87,600 oz gold within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.6 g/t. There is also a 20 year permitted mining license in place in good standing.

These values are from just one of the deposits and there is good indication that mineralized trends continue. Also a point of interest on this project is that the two deposits on this property actually only comprise about 5% of the total land package leaving a full 95% of this property left to explore. Guyana Goldstrike will now look into additional trenching and is planning a drilling campaign to see if  mineralized trends follow between these two deposits.

There is a real neat video on these deposits done in 3D that is posted right on the main page on their website HERE. Be sure to take a look at that and if you are interested in viewing details of the latest NI 43-101 report, I have a copy uploaded to the junior miners website HERE

A new listing of several placer gold claims came up for sale on both Bonanza Creek and Toronto Creek in the Dawson area of the Yukon. 

Gold is going up. There's no doubt about that and gold properties will very soon be worth their weight in .... you guessed it, GOLD. When it comes to mining in the north there is no better way to get started or expand than taking over an existing operation. This has been proven time and time again when it comes to starting a mining operation the Yukon's north. All you need to do is starting adding up the mobilization costs to see the benefits of buying turnkey.

Here is a full fledged mining operation with top of the line equipment ready to go right in the heart of the Klondike.

Motivated Seller. Price Reduction.

Here is six (6) placer claims located on Rosella Creek in the Cassiar district of BC. Claims are in good standing until November 2022.  

Almost 100 hectares of mining property covering a length of over 2 KM. Lots of water and good access. 
If you know anything about the golden triangle of BC, you will want to take a look at these claims.

The ores showing around the workings contain gold with some lead and silver. Quartz is prevalent and shores up assessments of native gold in quartz deposits, which are asserted by the Carlisle Gold Mining Company.

There is a wash running down one side of the property which may provide some small scale placer recovery. Historically worked for gold, silver, and copper. The shaft is currently caved and will require clearing but is estimated to be 1500-2000 feet in total workings. An extremely historic region that has produced thousands of tons of gold, silver, and copper. Good operation for small miners with the resources to clear the shaft and work underground.
Gertrude Novelty Mining Claims Rossland B.C.

These claims are located adjacent to the Le Roi complex which produced over 3 million oz of gold, 3.7 million oz of silver, and 124 million pounds of copper. The average grade was .5 oz/ton

We have 24037 ounces of drilled HISTORICAL reserves averaging 6.15 grams/ton. These reserves are on the Gertrude and Novelty veins. Both veins are close to surface and easily mineable. Both veins are open to depth and are about five meters wide.

Today's old lost mine story is about Slocan City. It was this city and the area that got it's start from the Slocan Mining Camp where Klondike Silver is presently working today.

The communities of Slocan valley are barely one hundred years old, and yet the Slocan has seen some of Canada’s most dramatic and interesting history. Conflicting tales and mysteries have grown up around the first discovery of the vast wealth hidden high in the Slocan Mountains. Stories have been told of double-crossing and deceit, but as with most legends, it has a simple beginning, and certain facts are a matter of record.

In the summer of 1891 two prospectors, a French-Canadian former tightrope-walker named Eli Carpenter and an Irishman form Tennessee named J.L. "Jack" Seaton, arrived on foot in the remote wilderness of the Slocan. They were pursuing tales of rich deposits of galena (silver-lead) ore, which Carpenter had heard was used by native guides and hunters.. continue

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