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Mammoth Resources TSX-V: MTH
Gearing Up For Drilling

There are thousands of junior mining companies listed on all the various markets today and each and every one of these juniors is out there, somewhere on the planet trying to dig up the next big find. So if you want to invest money there is no shortage of juniors to choose from.

However, if you like precious metals, Mexico, and an undervalued stock with low float, take a look at this mammoth play. Mammoth Resources TSX-V: MTH is getting ready to drill in the Sierra Madre range of Mexico. Only 20 million O/S.

The company's CEO has 30 years experience in the mineral resource business. With his three years as CEO at Crowflight Minerals the company's value increased from $18 million to $350 million.

He was also President and CEO of Castle Gold and during his two years at Castle he led the development and expansion of the El Castillo Mine in Mexico, which began at 15,000 ounces annual production and increased to 35,000 ounces annual production moving to 75,000 ounces plus a 50% increase in the gold resource.

Castle Gold was valued at $30 million and less than two years later and it was taken over by Argonaut Gold (AR.T) for $120 million or $1.25 / share in an all cash transaction

The property in question is the Tenoriba property. Lots of historical drilling where all the drill holes tagged mineralization and one drill hole in particular had 3.7 meters grading 5.33 grams per ton and a 1.90 meter section this same drill hole assayed 45.90 grams per ton gold.

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(Mammoth Resources field crew chip sampling spring 2017)

I've been reading bits of articles lately about a coming shortage of cobalt. Now I don't really know a whole lot about cobalt other than it's mined so I decided to to do a bit of investigating. There are a few things that I found out about doing some quick research and one is that cobalt mining shouldn't be protested about by enviromentalists. Another important issue that I've discovered is that the price of cobalt has been going up steady. In fact, while most metals have been floundering for the past several years, cobalt has been rising steady and for almost six months now the price has not seen any kind of decrease. Prices today are right around $60,000 USD per tonne and there is little sign that prices will retreat.
I also found out that the bulk of the material that goes into those lithium batteries is made up of cobalt so that's one of the reasons why the price is going through the roof.

For those who are interested in buying into any cobalt explorers I have about a half dozen listed at the bottom of the article here. There are most likely quite a few more out there but these seem to be the ones that seem to be  focused on cobalt at present.
Klondike Gold Placer Mining Claims For Sale

If your looking for placer ground in the Klondike region, this might be of some interest. A total of 61 claims on Brown Creek which is a tributary to the Forty Mile. Seven (7) claims come with a Class 4 Water license with diversion permit that goes to 2022. Fairly shallow ground with depths from 0 to 4 meters in depth.
Native Gold In Quartz Grab Samples

If your looking for a small hard rock gold claim that won't break your budget, check this out. Here is a 20 acre lode claim located in the Black Hills Mining district just outside  Cottonwood, Arizona. The survey team found native gold in some quartz grab samples so that a least has some promise. There is also a large quartz vein and there were over 500 feet of workings.
Placer Gold Claim On Pine Creek In Atlin BC

Placer claim 32 hectares in size on Pine Creek in the Atlin mining district. Tenure number is # 1012181 and is located about 5 KM from Atlin.

Previous mining on this claim was done with a floater where only the surface section was mined. Recent testing now shows impacted gravels around 20 to 30 foot depths. This area is part of the the alluvial bench area between Spruce Creek and Pine Creek.
Gertrude Novelty Mining Claims Rossland B.C.

These claims are located adjacent to the Le Roi complex which produced over 3 million oz of gold, 3.7 million oz of silver, and 124 million pounds of copper. The average grade was .5 oz/ton

We have 24037 ounces of drilled HISTORICAL reserves averaging 6.15 grams/ton. These reserves are on the Gertrude and Novelty veins. Both veins are close to surface and easily mineable. Both veins are open to depth and are about five meters wide.
Inside The Triangle

Not a lot of news coming out of the Golden Triangle. GGI - GTT - MTS all still drilling away with stocks reaching record 52 week highs. I would have thought that there would have been a few more news releases of assays from some of the explorers by now.

ABN issued news of 10 m of 6.7 g/t Au, 0.9% Cu and that wasn't good enough. Investors and traders sold off the stock almost 50%. It wasn't that many years ago that a couple grams per ton had the crowds chasing stocks higher. I am starting to wonder what is going to happen when the results are issued from some of these other players. Most of these have seen seen their stock prices fly up 500+% in the last few months.
New arrivals to the triangle include Jayden Resources TSX-V: JDN and OK Minerals TSX-V: OK. OK just finished a 9 cent PP this week. They are drilling their Pyramid project located in the northern tip of the triangle.

In other BC news that matters, Gitennes Exploration TSX-V: GIT has started drilling on it's Snowbird property. This land package is about 20 kilometres west of Fort St. James.
The company plans to drill a minimum of 1,000 metres and will focus on the Main and North zones where the company recently completed detailed mapping, sampling and a high-resolution ground magnetometer survey. They only had to announce that they were going to commence drilling and the stock popped 100%. 
The Lost Gold Of El Paso Del Norte

In keeping with the Mexico theme where Mammoth Resources is at work, here is the story of lost gold of El Paso Del Norte Mexico

The legend tells that some time before 1800 a young Franciscan Father named La Rue was sent to serve the Roman Catholic Church in Durango, Mexico, at a small settlement of poor, hardworking Spaniards scratching out a meager existence. Father La Rue, while sitting with an old dying soldier, listened while the soldier told him of a rich gold-bearing load in the mountains north of El Paso del Norte (El Paso, Texas today.)

His dying friend told him that upon the first sight of three peaks, he had to turn East and cross a basin where there is a spring at the foot of a solitary peak. On this peak there is a rich vein of gold.

When crops failed at the settlement, the Padre led his flock to the north to work the gold. Arriving at La Mesilla, they sighted the three peaks and turned East across the Jornada del Muerto and into the San Andreas Mountains. After searching, the spring and the solitary peak was found  ... continue
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