Subject: Reach your financial targets!

Reach your financial targets with Dynamic Ratios!

Help develop the benchmarks your company needs to reach your financial targets! 

The 2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey is now open! By completing the questionnaire, you will be one step closer to a valuable resource to help you make key business decisions that will lead to better efficiency, productivity, confidence, and profitability. Get the answers to important questions like:
  • Are my expenses too high in relation to sales?
  • Can we meet our debts as they mature?
  • Should we increase our selling prices?
  • How can we increase our profits?
All who complete the Dynamic Ratios survey receive a free copy of the final report. Those who submit the survey by July 31 will also receive discounted access to the online dashboard once the reports are finished.

The 2017 Dynamic Ratios survey is open and ready for you to participate! We gather valuable information from print and graphic communications businesses to create one of the top financial benchmarking reports in the industry for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. 
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