Subject: Printing Industry Variance Request To OSHA For Chemical Containers

We Need Your Help: Printing Industry Variance Request to OSHA for Chemical Containers
Your assistance is greatly appreciated in supporting our variance petition to OSHA to allow for using color coded “secondary container” chemical bottles. Under the current regulation, OSHA requires secondary containers to be labeled, but does not specify how the labeling should be accomplished, only the information that must be on the label. Many printing companies have designed a system of using colored containers along with a poster identifying the chemical contents of each container and the required hazard information for each material. This approach has proven to be effective.

Even though this system works for our industry, OSHA headquarters has stated that colored containers alone are not acceptable. This interpretation has prompted the industry to request a variance to allow color coded bottles. To support the request, OSHA has asked for additional information on both the facilities’ experiences with trying to maintain traditional labels in a readable fashion and for those using a color coded system: specifically how these systems were developed, implemented and employees were trained.

This is where assistance is needed. We would appreciate it if you could fill out a short survey. Whether you use printed label or a color coded system does not matter. We must collect information on both to support our cause. Please see below for links to a survey based on your secondary container labelling system.

Be assured that all information collected will be kept confidential. Only aggregated information will be provided to OSHA and company names will not be released. Please take a few moments to complete the following:

If you use printed labels, please click the link below.

If you use a color coded system, please click the link below.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Gary Jones at or 412-259-1794.

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