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2019 Technical Association of the Graphic Arts Annual Conference List of Papers Announced
The Technical Association of the Graphic Arts has released the list of papers that will be presented at its 2019 Annual Technical Conference to be held March 17-20 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 35 presentations and two posters will cover a myriad of research projects and innovations in graphic communications from a study of the ability to recycle inkjet printed products to breakthroughs in digital textile printing. The conference is presented in conjunction with the Inter-Society Color Council. The Technical Association for the Graphic Arts is an international association of academic and industry professionals dedicated to scientific research and technological innovation in all aspects of the diverse field of graphic communications.
1. Building a Scalable 'Self-Serve' Augmented Reality Platform – A Case Study
Alan Smithson [MetaVRse]

2. Characterization of Multicolor Printing: Challenges and Solutions
Hanno Hoffstadt [GMG Color]

3. Color Studies Curriculum: Re-Envisioning Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color in the Digital Age
Yue (Julie) Cao [Rochester Institute of Technology]

4. Colour Accuracy of Corporate Colours in Expanded Gamut Print Reproduction
Martin Habekost and Reem El Asaleh [Ryerson University]

5. Common Milkweed as an Alternative Cellulose Fiber Source for Making Paper with Strength and Moisture Resistance
Hans Kellogg, Heather Hendrixson, and Renmei Xu [Ball State University];
Maruthi Srivatsan Mogundan and Paul D. Fleming III [Western Michigan University]

6. A Corrected Kubelka-Munk Model for Color Prediction of Pre-Colored Fiber Blends
Chun-ao Wei, Xiaoxia Wan [Wuhan University]

7. Correcting Common Imperfections in Inkjet Output
Global Graphics

8. The Development of a Photopolymer Based Additive Manufacturing Process for Producing a Unique No-label Look Decoration without a Laminated Face-stock
Anthony Carignano [ACTEGA North America Technologies Inc.]

9. Cyber Security Awareness in the Variable Data and Direct Mail Printing Industries and the Consequences of Data Breaches
Dr. Charles T. Weiss and Dr. Carl Blue [Clemson University]

10. Development Process of a Smart Code Based On Smart Materials
Mustafa Bilgin and Johannes Backhaus [University of Wuppertal]

11. Digital Enhancement of on a Narrow Web Press
Jack Noonan, MGI Digital Technology

12. Evaluation of Light Measurement Instruments
Bruce Leigh Myers, Ph.D. [Rochester Institute of Technology]

13. An Evaluation to Identify Best Printing Process and Substrate for Newly Developed Color Vision Deficiency Diagnosing Tool
Ganesh Kumar [Heidelberg India Pvt Ltd ]; Mohan Venkat [Sphere Sight Pvt Ltd & Elite School of Optometry, India]

14. Expanding your Printer’s Reach: The Rise of Expanded Gamut Technology
Kyle Hargrove [CGS Publishing Technologies International LLC]

15. An Experimental Study of Key Factors Affecting Color Reproduction on Corrugated Board Using UV Wide-format Inkjet Printer
Yu Ju Wu [Appalachian State University]

16. Factors Impacting Consistent Color Appearance Prediction
Elena Fedorovskaya and Robert Chung [Rochester Institute of Technology];
David Hunter and Pierre Urbain [Pilot Marketing Group]; Don Hutcheson [HutchColor]

17. Flexo Plate Technology Optimized for Corrugated
Macdermid Graphics Systems

18. The Grand Canyon of Color: How to Talk about Color across the Creative/Technical Divide†
John Seymour [John the Math Guy, LLC] and Maggie Maggio [Smashing Color]

19. Is Inkjet Still a Challenge for the Paper Recycling Process?
Axel Fischer [INGEDE]

20. Managing Color with Digital Textile Printing†
Scott Donovan [BleuPrint CREATIVE]

21. Marketing Automation for Personalized Campaigns
XMPie, a Xerox Company

22. Millennial Consumer Behavior with Mobile Technology
Colleen Twomey, Dina Vees, Ashley Boehmer, and Jessica Dimulas [California Polytechnic State University]

23. On Demand Textiles and the Colorful Challenge of Web to Print†
Kerry Maguire King [Spoonflower]

24. An On-Demand Solution for High Quality Corrugated Printing
Liz Logue [EFI]

25. Optimal Test Charts
Thorsten Braun [ColorLogic GmbH]; Jodi Alejandro [CrossXColor, Inc.]

26. Optimizing Chroma for Expanded Color Gamut
Liam O'Hara, Bobby Congdon, Kariahlyn Lindsey, Emily Kalshoven [Clemson University]

27. The Portable Console: Managing Offset Press Operation from an App
Koenig & Bauer

28. Printability Analysis of Flexography on Compostable Films
Aran Hansuebsai and Samatcha Nawakitwong [Chulalongkorn University]

29. Structural and Thermal Properties of Leuco-Dye Based Mixed-Developer Composite
Taiwo K. Fagbemigun and Jürgen Odermatt [University of Hamburg]

30. 21st Century Color Literacy Project†
Luanne Stovall [The University of Texas at Austin]

31. Update to Evaluation of Reference Materials for Standardization of Spectrophotometers
John Seymour [John the Math Guy, LLC]

32. User Study on Digital Colourpickers
Nicoline Kinch [Kolormondo]; Jan Koenderink [University of Leuven]

33. UV-LED Curing In Lithographic Inks
David A Biro and Rich Russomanno [Sun Chemical, USA]

34. Water Based Soy Inks for Packaging
Rahul Pingale, Alexandra Pekarovicova, and Paul D. Fleming III [Western Michigan University]

35. Which Ink Do I Use? – An Overview of Digital Textile Ink Types and How They’reUused†
David Clark [Huntsman Textile Effects]

1. Examination of Contemporary Plate Production and Surface Texture of Flexographic Printing Plates
Csaba Horváth [Óbuda University ]; Klaudia Pálova [University of Sopron]

2. Spot Matching System (SMS)
Mr. Ingi Karlsson

†ISCC presentation
Paper and poster list subject to change

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