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Thursday, January 11, 2018
Mark Your Calendars - You Won't Want to Miss this Webinar

Tax Strategies for the Business Owner Under the New Tax Law
Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 2pm

At the end of 2017, Congress and the Senate passed the Tax Cuts and Job Acts bill that made sweeping changes to tax policy in America. Join us on Thursday, February 15 at 2pm when we invite Chris Falco of Falco Sult to provide insights on what these changes will mean to your business. Whether you file as an S Corp, LLC, Inc. or other, you'll need to hear how this bill will impact you this tax season.

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Exciting Keynote Lineup Schedule for the Continuous Improvement 

What is a Management System and Why You Should Care
Pascal Dennis, Lean Pathways
Pascal Dennis is a professional engineer, author and President of Lean Pathways, an international consultancy. Pascal developed his skills on the Toyota shop floor in North America and Japan and by working with major international companies. He has been a manager of operations, engineering, finance, human resources and health, safety and environment. In leadership positions at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), Pascal supported several major model launches, the construction of a new 3 million square foot facility, and the hiring of 2000 new team members. He is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute. Pascal’s focus is senior executive development, strategic planning and execution, and management systems for sustained transformation.

Building Accountability Across Your Workforce
Marcus Nicolls, Partners In Leadership
Marcus is senior partner for Partners in Leadership (PIL), the world’s premier provider of Accountability Training and Culture Change consulting. He significantly contributes to the strategic direction of the company and helps guide the development of the company’s curriculum. Marcus aids leaders from some of the world’s most successful organizations with the alignment of their culture and strategy, including: Boston Scientific, Cigna, Daymon Worldwide, Hilton, Kroger, Louis Vuitton, Marvell, Nestle, Northwestern Mutual, Oakley, Sony, Starbucks, US Foods and Walgreens. He has helped clients create greater alignment and accountability for results at all levels of an organization in a way that produces record-setting results.

Lead Consciously, Improve Continually
Keith Stout, ACE Metal Crafts Company
Keith is the executive vice president of ACE Metal Crafts Company, a manufacturer of fabricated and machined stainless steel components. He began his career at ACE in 1992 and held various leadership positions, which included the responsibility of creating a continuous improvement culture throughout the organization. Keith has been instrumental in creating the company’s true purpose: To connect with and inspire PEOPLE to reach their potential. His work on the culture at ACE has led to the company winning the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award for the State of Illinois. Keith’s passion for excellence in manufacturing has been highlighted in various trade journals and associations. He has given numerous speeches, tours, and presentations on Lean manufacturing and capacity planning.

Deb Benning, ACE Metal Crafts Company
Deb’s role as chief relationship officer for ACE Metal Crafts spans the functions of sales and marketing, and human resources. Deb’s warmth and coaching style has elevated the ability of ACE’s leadership team to connect with every ACE team member to foster their potential. ACE, a manufacturer of fabricated and machined stainless steel components, began its Lean journey in 2002, with many ups and downs, successes and failures. In 2015, the ACE leadership team read the book Lean Turnaround by Art Byrne, which provided new insight into the importance of employee engagement in Lean practices, specifically the need to develop and nurture a culture of trust based on emotional intelligence and mutual respect. Deb is responsible for supporting behaviors that bring ACE’s values to life, all of which are  crucial for a successful Lean implementation and outcome.

Enhancing Customer Service through Gemba Walks
Maite Mauri, Amazon
Maite is a senior program manager for Amazon in the Amazon Customer Excellence System (ACES). In that position, she prioritizes projects and manages a team of three ACES Program Managers dedicated to systematically identifying and removing waste across the Kindle Content Businesses using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. This includes supporting customer service teams at six international sites as well as business leaders in the European Union. Prior to joining Amazon in 2015, Maite worked as an operational excellence leader for Zodiac, a manufacturer of aircraft composites structures, where she worked on a team of 5 responsible for the successful deployment of Lean Manufacturing methods to entire Corporation (14 sites) through the development of teaching courses and material for all employees, Kaizen events, and strategy deployment. She started her career as a manufacturing engineer for Northrup Grumman. In 2015, Maite was honored by Manufacturing Engineering magazine as one of 30 people under the age of 30 that have demonstrated exceptional talent and leadership in the field.

My CI Awakening
Robert Ried, Vox Printing
Robert Reid is in charge of manufacturing at Vox Printing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Robert has been contributing to Vox’s success for over two decades and has spearheaded the company’s use of Lean manufacturing tools and techniques. From 2012 to 2014 he also served on the advisory committee of the Continuous Improvement Conference. Vox employs about 75 people and uses cold web offset printing to produce and supply trayliners and placemats to fast food restaurants worldwide. Press runs can range from a case of just 3,000 liners to multiple truckloads. Vox’s focus on communications, respect, and service to both clients and employees has resulted in a friendly, fun environment that the company identifies as a foundation of its growth and success. In 2016, Vox was one of only a few companies recognized by Printing Industries of America as a Best of the Best Workplaces in the Americas.

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Now Accepting Nominations for the William D. Schaeffer Environmental Award

Printing Industries of America is seeking eligible candidates for the 2017 Schaeffer Environmental Award. Established in 1990, this award is named for environmental pioneer and researcher Dr. William D. Schaeffer (1922-2003). Dr. Schaeffer was known and widely respected for providing environmentally sound activities for the graphic communications industries and a rational perspective for those who develop environmental regulations for the industry. 

Candidates will be judged on how their actions benefited the industry in the areas listed below. It is recommended that a candidate has demonstrated activity in a number of criteria, with significant accomplishments in at least one.

Education - increasing knowledge of environmental effects of materials and processes employed in printing operations to both the printing industry and regulatory agencies; e.g. did the nominee conduct or participate in studies relating to printing or binding process?

Public Relations - promotion of a wholesome and active graphic communications image by addressing and mitigating regulatory and public concerns for the environmental impact of graphic communications operations; e.g. did the nominee project a positive reputation by developing strong working relationships with regulatory agencies that had a positive impact for the entire subsegment of the industry?

Continuous Improvement - encouragement of better sustainable business practices and reduction of health hazards within the printing industry; e.g. did the nominee develop environmental compliance programs or technology, or did the nominee promote new sustainability procedures designed to simultaneously protect the environment?

Compliance Assistance - industry assistance with EPA and OSHA regulations; e.g. did the nominee effectively communicate requirements of new regulations?

Regulatory Issue Involvement - investments of time and/or personal or organizational resources that have benefited the industry in terms of cost savings, more reasonable regulations, improved community relations, and/or a more wholesome work environment; e.g. did the nominee show dedication or direct resources toward improving regulatory requirements for the industry?

Pioneering Efforts - unique efforts or creation of an original sustainable development that contributed to healthier working conditions and improved environmental control; e.g. did the nominee develop a system or product that reduced environmental or health hazards?

Nominations must be postmarked, faxed, or emailed by February 28, 2018. For more information about the award or to view a list of past recipients, please visit:
301 Brush Creek, Warrendale, PA 15086, United States
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