Subject: PIA Testing Services Save You Time and Money

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Testing Services Save You Time and Money

Utilize our top-notch testing services to examine and diagnose your paper and ink problems. With the help of our expert staff, our customers are able to resolve conflicts, evaluate materials, and troubleshoot projects. We can help you save thousands of dollars from repeated mistakes or false claims.

Our most common testing services include:
  • Conflict Resolution—Our testing and analysis of problem jobs can resolve disagreements between printers, print buyers, and suppliers.
  • Print Quality Analysis—By printing one of our test forms and letting us evaluate it, we can help determine how well your printing system is performing.
  • Materials Testing—We ensure the materials you routinely purchase for print jobs remain of consistent quality.

The Center for Technology and Research can provide these and other tests:
  • Substrate Tests: Basis weight, caliper, opacity, brightness, smoothness.
  • Ink Tests: ISO 2846, tack, strength, emulsification, viscosity.

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