Subject: New iLearning Course: Preparing Files for Digital Enhancement

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the addition of yet another great new course to its iLearning Center online education platform. As always the iLearning Center is available as a free benefit to printer-members. Check out the great selection of learning opportunities available to you today at
Preparing Files for Digital Enhancement
Digital enhancement is the digital application of spot colors, spot varnish, dimensional varnish, foil, or other effects to printed material. For years we've known that a consumer's experience is not just visual--it includes other senses, including our sense of touch. For the customer, it's all about getting attention and response. A customized piece that contains varnish, foil, white ink, and other digital effects creates an undeniable connection and adds value to the printed piece. In this course, you will learn all about digital enhancement options that cut through the marketing noise and discover how to properly create these files for print. Sample job files are also included so learners can follow along with hands-on exercises.

Time to complete: 1 hour for the course and knowledge assessments.

You will learn:
  • Digital enhancement fundamentals
  • Why you should incorporate digital enhancements in your print projects
  • Best practices for use
  • How to create spot varnish and foil effects using layers, filters, and actions
  • How to create a PDF file that includes the digital enhancement effects needed for print production
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