Subject: New iLearning Course: Color Management Fundamentals

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the addition of yet another great new course to its iLearning Center online education platform. As always the iLearning Center is available as a free benefit to printer-members. Check out the great selection of learning opportunities available to you today at
Color Management Fundamentals

Effective color management produces more reliable, consistent color across multiple devices and allows everyone in the process to see color more accurately. It reduces rework and communication issues and produces better color more efficiently. Understanding the basics of color management is the first step for color success. This course will cover the fundamentals of color management, the requirements for success, and how it works—all while giving you a solid foundation of terminology and workflow.

You will learn:
  • Color management basics, terminology, and workflow
  • Why we need color management and what it can and cannot do
  • Basic requirements for creating ICC profiles
  • Gamut compression and rendering intent
  • Delta E, color tolerances, what’s possible, and what’s not
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