Subject: New iLearning Course: Color Accurate Soft Proofing

Printing Industries of America is pleased to announce the addition of yet another great new course to its iLearning Center online education platform. As always the iLearning Center is available as a free benefit to printer-members. Check out the great selection of learning opportunities available to you today at
Color Accurate Soft Proofing
Soft proofing is an essential function in a print shop because more creative and color-critical decisions are made on an LCD display than on any other device or media. Yet, most print professionals are not managing their displays properly to ensure that what they are seeing on displays is as close as possible to what the final printed product will look like.

Color Accurate Soft Proofing aims to give the student the vital information to calibrate and profile displays for color-accurate soft proofing.

Students will learn:
  • What is soft proofing?
  • Requirements for success
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • The 5 steps to a color accurate display
  • How to use Adobe CC applications to view color accurately
  • The ideal soft proofing viewing environment
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