Subject: New Management Alert: Practicing the Three Cs of Pricing in Print

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Practicing the Three Cs of Pricing in Print
Printing Industries of America’s Management Alert series from its Center for Print Economics and Management provides PIA members with information on key management strategies, issues, and practices. 

This Management Alert edition is titled: Practicing the Three Cs of Pricing in Print. One of the most difficult decisions managers make on a day-to-day basis is pricing the product or service. So, what guidelines or tactics can help? The three Cs of pricing:
  • Costs—Pricing decisions must start with knowing your costs.
  • Customer—Pricing decisions must take account of differences in customer demands and price sensitivities. Economists refer to this as price elasticity of demand.
  • Competition—Pricing decisions must account for varying degrees of competition in terms of product and service substitutions and the relative strength or weakness of your competition.
In this Management Alert we examine the specifics of applying the three Cs of pricing in the context of print, such as Lean manufacturing, minimizing waste and spoilage, price elasticities of demand, and benchmarking profit leaders.

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